Monday, January 21, 2008

TAG! You're It...

AWRIGHT! In the words of Dr. Evil (from the movie, "Wayne's World", in case you are wondering where this profound quote originated), "THROW ME A FRICKIN' BONE HERE!"

I have taken a few minutes in the past 24 hours to TROLL just a couple of the links to other web pages/blogging sites I find secretly embedded in my stats page, and I have ACCIDENTALLY stumbled upon two more wonderful MS BLOGGERS... Shauna and Kim ...respectively known via blogs, "Bugs, Bikes, & Brains", and "Sunshine & Moonlight". Yes, they HAVE been added to the now 108 MS Blogs To Suck Your Time link on my side bar.

But, seriously folks...if you ARE an MSer reading this blog AND you write your OWN MS Blog, throw me a frickin' bone here and leave me a comment with your blog web address! You are obviously writing something you'd like to be read that will reach the entire world via the Internet, so why not let me link you to my list? The only people who come to BRAINCHEESE are other MSers, Jesus Camp followers, and sadly, my coworkers! And my coworkers will leave you alone as will the CAMPERS...just as long as you don't use the words, "Fetus, Jesus, Camp, Gays, or Abortion" in your posts...I seriously don't know WHAT buzz words attract my coworkers here...

If you are *waiting* for ME to discover you, it may not happen until a frozen day in...ah...SEATTLE, such as today. So, toot your own horn and drop a comment or an email because everyone with MS deserves to read what you have to say...and YOU deserve to be heard.

I find it both exciting and disheartening to have stumbled upon 108 MS bloggers...I KNOW there are more of you I have not found via web trolling and an unfortunate still MORE of you yet to begin writing your blogs. It seems once the shock of the diagnosis wears off OR MSers suddenly discover the world of Internet Blogging, our MS Blogging Club Membership seems to grow.

I wish I had the time in my daily grind/schedule to visit each and everyone of you...if for no other reason than to leave my comments on your blogs because I think I am "hi Larry usly" funny...and, sadly, I am the ONLY one who holds this belief about myself. But, I notice as people make "hits" on the CHEESE link to the 108 list, they DO often take the time to carefully review MANY of the individual blog links listed (how do I know this? Moohahaha...stats page!).

So, come on! Let me know who you can't run and you can't hide from the ever-knowing CHEESE. If I have to come searching for you on my own, well...I don't know what might happen, but...let's just no GO there, shall we?!?...


Shauna said...

Thanks for the link, Linda....Kim's blog is wonderful; I recently "discovered" Sunshine and Moonlight, too.

By the way, I always wanted to be "it".




You sly one, you! Do not anger the CHEESE gods or you WILL be singled out and featured in posts!!! But seriously, I'm bummed I did not click on your name link before today and follow the popcorn trail to your blog. I even added you to my Google Reader and THAT is as important as being #1 on my speed dial! LOL


Kim Fabrizio said...

OMG, you are a hoot!! There's no cheese in that brain -- only comedy. Ok, and so your graphics rock too! I love the chapped-ass guy!

Thanks for linking to me. I did the same on my blogroll.

MS Bloggers of the world unite!

Hey if we all got together, maybe we'd have one, beautiful, perfect brain??!!

But, who would want that!



Because I'm groovin' with the themes of Martin Luther King today in my PASTY WHITE SKIN, I say, "Amen, Sister Kim!" on the idea of having one, beautiful, perfect brain. LOL I am frankly rather PROUD of my dysfunctional pot-holed head! It keeps me laughing whenever I can't remember something or have a major "brain fart"...

Thanks for blogging and not running when I added you to the links. :)



Hey, I'm gonna tag it back to you. I think that there might be a few crumbs listed on my MS bloggers list on my site that might need to be added to your site. Sorry, can't tell you which ones cause that would require a cross-reference and I'm on a quick supper break between lessons. Feel free to compare, please.

BTW, thanks so much for posting the link to my quick little $7000 piece. Only a small number of folks have reacted, but mostly very positive.

(Also, Google Reader is my fav in catching-up with folks. If you haven't seen me lurking around here, that's why. I've read although I haven't visited.)

Keep making us all laugh!!

Steve said...

The only people who come to BRAINCHEESE are other MSers, Jesus Camp followers, and sadly, my coworkers! Ahem! Am I chopped liver? I think you meant to say, "MSers, Jesus Camp followers, my sad coworkers... and Steve. :)

Charles-A. Rovira said...

My heavens woman. I don't want to anger "The Cheese". Here's a bone. Catch! :-)

Here's the link. MSBPodcast

(For those who don't know, a podcast is like radio over the internet...)

Next thing you know, people will be coming over to listen. Or even subscribing ... (Its gratis")



No more hiding, my pretty! (said with the voice of the wicked witch of the west...or was it east?...heck, I'm directionally challenged!)




That was one powerful post you much so, I felt the only way to keep it alive on CHEESE was to set it aside as a link. Thanks for your insights...




Oh, my dear!!! I somehow just consider you one of the "club", in spite of you being a muscle man BJJ grappler!!! Many apologies (but you're STILL an honorary club member)...




I got your back, man! You're are listed under the "M's" in the links as MSBPodcast...perhaps I should consider doing featured bloggers/podcasters once in a while here on CHEESE?


Sara said...

"The only people who come to BRAINCHEESE are other MSers, Jesus Camp followers, and sadly, my coworkers!"

I must agree with Steve when he said, "Ahem! Am I chopped liver? I think you meant to say, "MSers, Jesus Camp followers, my sad coworkers... and Steve AND Sara in the UK!! Just cause I'm not in America (and have been rubbish recently with commenting) doesn't mean you can forget about me.

Blinders Off said...


I think it is important for fellow MS'ers to know they are not alone. We all bring something different to our blogs and that is what I like.

Hope you do not mind, I am going link the MS blogs you have on your blog roll and put them on my MS side link. Although, I have not had the chance to check out many fellow MS bloggers, but each time I do I enjoy their sites. Although politics is why I start reading blogs...MS is why I blog.


Have myelin? said...

Podcasts need subtitles!



My, oh, my, but my brain farts DO bring all 3 of my loyal readers out of the woodwork!!!

You and Steve are BOTH honorary card carrying members of the "Club"...and may you ALWAYS stay honorary only.




Link away...that is what it is there for. To reach as many MSers and MS Bloggers as possible. We ARE a community...




I think the only MS Podcaster I have listed in the linked site IS Charles' MSBPodcast...he's got a captive audience!