Tuesday, April 01, 2008

An Unsuspecting "GUEST" Blogger...

I received an email today from an unknown source, who happened to stumble into CHEESE while looking for Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans! I have always suspected those BCA marketing folks were lurking around just under the Ethernet radar due to my frequent laments about how THEIR gang color and ads were sooo much cooler than the ones put out be the MS Society...LOL

Finally, after having to lie down because I had pulled a muscle in my stomach from laughing, I decided I had no choice, but to post this email here on CHEESE. It is simply too RIPE with humor and sarcasm to keep to myself! And, I am considering turning the "I walked for MS" slogan (near the bottom of the email) into a T-shirt...or have it printed on the adult diapers I should be wearing to keep from wetting my pants with laughter!

Good Morning and Happy April Fools Day,

I stumbled upon your site while looking for Breast Cancer Awareness slogans. I love your picture of the orange with the MS logo. I personally adore the color orange and especially liked the suggestion of one of your readers to add red flames. I agree with you that "join the movement" has a scatological tone that is unappealing. I liked what you wrote about the MS society hitting you up for money. All in all I found your mix of humor, sarcasm, fatalism, and droplets of hope very charming. I wish you well.

After reading some of your posts I went to the MS site to learn more. One of the study headlines caught my eye: " Loss of Mobility Found to Impact Quality of Life and Emotional and Financial Health. . . . " Who would have thought?

Looking for Breast Cancer stuff and wandering around different sites I've been forced to ponder the whole phenomenon of the 'marketing' of various diseases. My cousin has MD and his mom has always been uncomfortable with the whole Jerry Lewis telethon thing - although 20 years ago to express these thoughts made her feel ungrateful. (which in my family is a sin even greater than 'being a bother' but not quite as grievous as 'calling attention to yourself')

Obviously MS needs better slogans and celebrity endorsements. Isn't Annette Funacello one of you? Maybe that's the answer - forgotten celebrities for a forgotten disease. And it doesn't have to be just MS patients. There is no law (that I'm aware of) that says the celebrities advocating for a particular cause have to actually be suffering from it. Y'all could hit up so many ex-celebrities that want to be back in the limelight but have too much pride to do those awful television shows. Just please don't sign up JJ Walker or the 'where's the beef' lady! But someone like MaryAnn from Gilligan's Island would be ideal. She recently was arrested so she has that going for her. (Don't you just love American Culture?)

Modest suggestion for a slogan: a picture of Jed Bartlett using the cane with the caption, "Fake President, Real Disease. Unfortunately"

Or, "MS isn't Fatal. Most days that is good news"

Or, "Donate to MS Research and We Won't Make You Wear a Ribbon!"

Or, "Think PMS is bad? Try MS!"

Or, "How do you do a Self-Exam of your CNS?"

Maybe not - if you sound like you are attacking the Breast Cancer People you'll be tarred and feathered. (BTW, I laughed out loud at your use of Tarred as tired!)

Or, "Orange you glad you don't have MS?"

Or, "I walked for MS. I made it all the way to the front door" Okay - That's just plain tacky. I am not being mean - my best friend has a tenacious case of Valley Fever (A desert disease that is often misdiagnosed. MS is one of the things her doctor threw out when discussing what might be wrong with her) and one of the super big frustrations she is facing beyond the medical aspects of it is that people don't get how impossibly tired and sore she is all the time.

Goodness, I did not mean to babble on for so long. (I never mean to but I always do) I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed your blog and I hope the MS society finds a better slogan.

Have a good day,



Sharon said...

When do we start making the t-shirts. I should have paid better attention because I think I wet my pants. You should really have bigger warnings on your posts. She is awesome. Thanks for the giggles, I needed it.


Yep, love the T-shirt slogan. Very funny.

mdmhvonpa said...

heh ... boobies ...

Joan said...

LOVE THIS!!! "My favorite is MS isn't fatal. Most days that is good news!" How fitting.

Can I steal that and not give the guest blogger any credit??

Miss Chris said...

I love all those slogans! Great post!