Friday, April 25, 2008

The Obituary...

My Energy--
July 23, 19something to April 2008

Best known for spontaneity and always being there when I was in need, MY ENERGY passed away quietly in the night, sometime between April 2003, and April 2008. MY ENERGY was the backbone of this circumstance I call MY LIFE. Always with MY LIFE since birth, MY ENERGY sustained MY LIFE through many events, such as employment opportunities, family crisis, parties, mundane tasks, shopping excursions, gathering of friends, scrubbing the toilet, vacuuming, and a host of other events too numerous to list.

MY ENERGY was born into this world with a zest for living. Always willing to lend a hand to any in need, MY ENERGY assisted in accomplishing many life goals. In 2003, MY ENERGY was tragically struck with the blow of MS. But even after the diagnosis of MS, MY ENERGY continued a valiant attempt to accomplish many things. Always "peppy" and with a smile, MY ENERGY went above and beyond what would be normally expected of anyone. MY ENERGY will be greatly missed.

MY ENERGY is survived by MY BODY, MY MIND, and MY LIFE. Funeral services will be held at a private ceremony of close relatives and friends.


Blinders Off said...

Provigil can resurrect your energy, trust me it resurrect mine every time it dies on me.

Shauna said...

Maybe it's just sleeping. Mine goes to sleep quite often and it's really hard to rouse.



Maybe you should have Diane come over at the wake, conduct a saiance, and convince your friend to make regular appearances.

Jim said...

I started taking vitamins and B-complex and all of the sudden, I am getting more energy. With all of the drugs I am taking, my body is losing many nutrients that the drugs are destroying. So, I invested more into nutrition and it worked.

mdmhvonpa said...

I'm with Jim on the BComplex ... it's working pretty well for me too. Yes, even you can be a Lumberjack!

Joan said...

Please accept my sympathies on the passing of YOUR ENERGY. I hope your ENERGY and my ENERGY are enjoying themselves together in ENERGY heaven.

(note for Blinders: manufacturers of Provigil issued new warnings about psychological side effects of the drug (post-marketing studies) so I am cautious about recommending it. Personally, it made me suicidal so I don't use it.)

TickledPink said...

Where's the birth announcement for YOUR LETHARGY? Should have been in the same column, no?

Did anyone work furiously to resuscitate YOUR ENERGY with an infusion of Dew or anything? :-)

Sorry to hear of your loss, I will keep you in my thoughts.

Anne said...

So sorry for your loss. :-(

However, your next significant other to replace MY ENERGY could be as close as your mail. I am not a fan of Provigil due to side effects. So I had to look around for a replacement so that I'd have energy to get through some of my long days.

About 25 years ago, I found that diet patches give you energy. I don't like taking diet pills (Rx or OTC) and the patch has worked out well for me. I've used several brands over the years because some fade into obscurity or another company comes out with something better, etc.

The patch that I've been using since 1994 or so is called Le Patch and I use it maybe twice a week. Yes, it is a diet patch but it gives you spurts of energy too.

I get it mail order from A 90-day supply is $35, although my supply lasts 9 months or more because I only use it twice a week.

Sometimes when my supply gets low, I use only half a patch. I never leave it on as long as is recommended (16 hrs on, 8 hrs off, 16 back on, etc.). I only use it for 4 to 6 hours and make sure I take it off 5 hours before I want to go to bed.

It was a life saver when I was an intern and resident and had to work 24 to 36 hour shifts.

It has all natural ingredients and the fact that it suppresses appetite doesn't hurt me too much either! I also take a broad spectrum of B vitamins and although they help alot with the energy, there are some days that I've got so much going on or days that promise to be long days because of appointments back to back. The patch is great for those days.

Since you are still employed and obviously putting in long work hours, I'd love to send you a sampling for you to try to see if it helps. Let me know.

Michelle said...

Looks like we can split the funeral costs for YOUR ENERGY & MY ENERGY. Who knows, maybe they even have a group rate.
Stay inspired even in full body fog.
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Spaz Attack said...

I'm new to viewing Braincheese ... love it because your humor mimics my own -- Just wish I'd written it first!
I've used Adderall for a couple years to help jump-start my energy enough to drag my butt outta my bed promptly by 10 a.m. in the morning (and it is a stuggle!) It also seems to aid my concentration.Provigil didn't work at all for me.
However, due to the increase Multiple Stik I'm on a Adderall holiday (and yes, my butt seems to stay in bed 20/7)