Sunday, September 02, 2007

In The Words Of MDMHVONPA..."GAH!!!!" you all know, I have been flying around the hut and village trying to get many projects done before the MS150 Bikacide Ride next weekend. I HAVE to complete the majority of projects this holiday weekend, because I return to work for two days starting Tuesday, then leave for LaConner, WA, on Thursday. And because I am the "hostess with the mostest", I want everything to be in OCD depends on anal retentive nature thrives on it...if you listen closely, you may even be able to HEAR my anus squeaking its song as I make these preparations...LOL

Today, I sent an email out to all the beloved riding team members with a list of all things I have planned to entertain and feed them. I think the list is quite extensive...considering it is free food and booze, I doubted anyone would complain. Here's the email:

While all of you heroic riders are winding up your training rides for next weekend, I've been putting together what I hope will be a party tent experience...YOU deserve it! Face it...SMYELIN BABES will be the tent where everyone wants to hang out because we're cool. LOL

Here's a list of what you can expect. If there is something not on the list that you'd like to have, please bring it. The tent will be set up Friday afternoon/evening and I look forward to meeting each of you:

Wines: Hogue Chardonnay
Washington Hills Rainier Red
Avery Lane Merlot
MadHouseWife Cabernet Sauvignon
Meridian Pinot Grigio
Covey Run Syrah

Beer: 12 pck Corona (regular)
12 Alaskan Amber
12 Fat Tire
12 Coors Light (just for Pete!)

Margarita's--shaken (no electricity/blender available...sorry Stefan!)

Bottled Water
Coke/Diet Coke/Rootbeer

Fresh Fruit Bowl
Fresh Veggie Tray
Veggie/Meat Wraps
Variety Cheese and Meat Tray
Homemade Cookies (Martha Stewart lives!)
Homemade Pico de Gallo (I'm from Texas...what can I say?!?)
Some kind of chocolate?

Streamers/balloons/table service/banner/decorations
Large battery-operated CD stereo (for blasting Queen's "We Are The Champions" LOL)

I will NOT be dragging my 40 pound massage table with me out of desperation for space in my car...but as offered, I will gladly apply my massage training skills to anyone in need of "sore spot" attention...and that would be arms, necks, backs, and legs just for clarification! LOL

See you there,

Signed ME with my illusive last name I am scurrying about the hut this evening, making final shopping lists for my trip to Costco (large warehouse store on the West Coast) tomorrow, I receive this email from Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named:

I'll bring my disco CD's :)
how about Buffalo wings????

WOOT?!?! She did NOT just ask for Buffalo Wings?!? She DID NOT think I would actually comply with her outlandish wishes?!? Or DID she?....Hmmmm.

So, I gave it some thought, and this is the email I sent back to her:

That sounds great! I didn't know you could cook...looking forward to it....argh argh argh.

I am a lot of things, but I am NOT my neurologist's "bitch"...(or am I?!?) I can already tell the "princess" may need to be bitch-slapped before next weekend is over! Better yet, I'll just instruct my insurance company to withhold payment on my next visit...that oughta do it...LOL...


Sara said...

now i'm freakin starving thanks to your wonderful list of food, we don't get buffalo wings here in l'town and now i'm cravin some, tell the lovely dr wsnbn thanks (that was suppose to be sarcastic)

Peej said...

I want your Pico de Gallo (spelling??) recipe!! I loved that stuff in Texas but it just isn't the same up here in the NE out of a bottle...

I think you're spoiling them rotten... if there are leftovers just pop 'em in the envelope with the recipe. I'll take good care of 'em for you. lol!!


pb said...

You are amazing!

Tell your neurologist to go fry chicken!

Bubbie said...

You're a braver woman than I Ms. Cheese. Sounds like a wonderful event, and an even better hostess.

harkoo said...

Is Pico de Gallo the same thing as Salsa as used in New England? Your liquor and food list sounds divine! Give a special thanks to all the riders from all of us who read Braincheese with a special hug to St.EB

Joan said...

Sounds like a new business opportunity - catering MS events. But seriously: Phew! I get exhausted just reading your posts! You do so much ('roids or not) and I know those bikers will appreciate your efforts.
Joan of Newark (Delaware, that is)
[aka Short in the Cord]



Oh, I'll be telling her something all right...but I'll add your comment to my list of things to "tell" her!




I'm combining two recipes to try and get the right "heat" on the know tears have to run out your nose before it's just right. LOL




I was thinking more along the lines of telling her where to SHOVE that chicken! LOL




Bravery has nothing to do with it...stupidity yes...bravery no. LOL




Sort of...pico de gallo has more veggies in it...kind of like a relish dip. I'll post whatever combination of recipe I come up with later.

Oh...and I most definitely WILL tell the team hello and thank you from the CHEESE world!




I was really hoping my phone sex business would take off...but I guess there's no market for JUST heavy breathing and no talk...who knew?!? LOL


Miss Chris said... I'm craving a margarite. Rocks and salt please.



Wastin' away in Margaritaville, are we?!?


mdmhvonpa said...

Just laugh ... laugh away ...