Thursday, September 06, 2007

I Told You I Was Sick...

My mother, Peggy, used to always say that was what she wanted engraved on her tombstone..."I told you I was sick". Well, today I finally got to USE my mother's favorite saying!

This morning was my every-six-week-post-Novantrone appointment with Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named. Yes, she DOES make me come in and see her against my verbal protests. I prefer to do most of my dealings with the good doctor via "virtual reality", AKA's just easier.

But today, there was some anticipation in the air prior to my appointment since the MS150 Bikacide is only 3 days wasn't that I really wanted or needed to see Dr. SWWNBN for any kind of neurological consult...I needed to get some of the weekend plans finalized! LOL

So, in I strolled with my usual greetings to the front office staff, who I otherwise fondly refer to as the doctor's "minions". The typical jokes and silliness began between us as I patiently waited to be called into the tiny exam room I refer to as the "cell"'s like being trapped in a small box with an out of control fly when Dr. SWWNBN swoops in...too much activity for my pea brain to wrap around.

And, in typical fashion, the nationally known neurologist flew into the room to begin her badgering of my condition and attempts at brow-beating me into medical submission. She did her usual neuro exam, pausing unusually while checking my reflexes in my arms and legs. There was a look of seriousness on her face as she went back and forth between my left side and right side, banging me repeatedly with her little rubber hammer. At first I thought she was just getting her jollies smacking me, but then I realized she was far more focused than I have grown accustomed to.

Finally, after beating my arms, wrists, and knees to the point of assured bruising, she announced, "You've got hyper-reflexia in your left side". She seemed somewhat pleased with her keen assessment. I, on the other hand, was not.

She then announced, "It's probably left over from your relapse," as though this explanation was the "end-all" and I was simply to accept her words as gospel.

Now, if you're like me, often times when I'm having an MS "situation", I sometimes lapse into wondering if this or that symptom is just a figment of my imagination, AKA, "all in my head". More often than not, I wonder this. MS is such an illusive and strange bug, sometimes it's really hard to KNOW if this or that really IS MS or possibly something else. And it typically isn't until the situation/relapse knocks me on my butt that I conclude it really ISN'T all in my head!

For some unknown reason, Dr. SWWNBN's assessment today was comforting...proof this last "situation" wasn't just a concocted notion in my mind. Kind of hard to fake hyperactive reflexes!

So, with the assuredness and blatant grandiosity only I can muster, I announced to Dr. SWWNBN, "I TOLD you I was sick!" as though there was more than just my own doubt clouding the air.

She looked at me and shook her head laughing. And then my nationally known neurologist uttered two words...two, profound words that only 20 years of practice and 10 years of medical school could have fostered.

"Well, DUH!", she said. That was all I needed to hear.

**FOOTNOTE: Just a reminder, I will be away from my computer tomorrow through Sunday evening, attending the local MS150 bike ride. Please do not put out an APB on me or send police to do a welfare check due to lack of posts! I am certain to return Sunday evening with "hi-Larry-us" stories and adventures! And I apologize HERE for not responding to comments the past two days OR commenting on YOUR blog...we'll all just have to catch up soon**


mdmhvonpa said...

"Well, DUH!"

So eloquent!

Bubbie said...

Have a wonderful Bikeacide event. Hope it's great weather and great fun. Look forward to hearing about it.

Sara said...

Be sure to tell Saint EB that I'll be thinking of her while she's riding her arse off! Course I'll be sitting on my arse in a pub having a pint, watching the world cup rugby, but sending positive thoughts her way for sure!

Miss Chris said...

Hope the event turns out great. Looking forward to reading about it soon!

Sara said...

Hope all went well!! USA did not do well against England in the World Cup Rugby, but it was fun to watch & cheer for them in a pub full of English blokes (luckily my police mates were with me for the few times when I apparently cheered a bit much & those around me wanted to hurt me)
Can't wait to hear all the tales from the weekend, xx

Joan said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean: I've gone into the neuro with tingling in my right leg, and he says it's because I am sitting with my legs crossed. I go in with weakness in my left arm, he says it's because I'm right handed. He puts the tuning fork on my right foot and I don't feel it, he says it's because I'm wearing panty hose.
Fortunately, he has learned a LOT from me about MS over the last 8 years (since he's had me for a patient) and he is now more aware and understanding.
He's one of the good guys now.