Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where's Wall DOH!...

As Wall Street crashes around us this week, yours truly, Wall Doh! has been missing in action here on's not for lack of WANTING to post things. Oh, golly no! It's been for lack of TIME and ENERGY.

This week or at least the past 5 days has dragged on and felt like 5 months of time passing...and unfortunately, because much of the *content* of my life these past several days involves highly classified and top secret information, I am simply not at liberty to discuss details on this ever-so-public blog...lest I risk being killed. LOL OK, perhaps that IS a bit dramatic...but several *issues* have occurred in my work and personal environment that I AM not ignorant enough to publicly disclose here due to the sensitive nature of the content (because one can never be certain WHO might be voyeuristically peering into the World O' CHEESE and taking notes...*cough, cough...employer, cough, cough*). Suffice it to say, it has been a rather stressful week.

I received a dose of Tysabri last Friday, which started my weekend out with a "bang"...I spent Saturday and Sunday recuperating from the body aching side effects post infusion (which actually weren't as bad as some previous post infusion events this time around). On Monday, *events* at work created a combustible environment and, as they say in the dog training world, "Leave it!", I won't be going into details about THAT issue, but it HAS been keeping me very preoccupied all week.

On Tuesday, I finally got that haircut I have been needing for about a month now...ran errands (as it was my day off this week), did some shopping, fed the neighbor's cats (which I managed to successfully do ALL week without once risking starving them to death!), watched the pitiful presidential debate, then met another friend for dessert late in the evening.

Wednesday began with completing a few more errands, visiting a friend in the hospital (which I also did every day this week, except Tuesday...because I do NOT trust the health care delivery system to keep those that are dear to me ALIVE without constant monitoring. LOL), and returning to work...very *busy* there.

Thursday, I set an alarm so as to get downtown in time to meet a friend and colleague who I met via many State Committee meetings, only to discover I had the DATE wrong for our meeting and we are getting together NEXT Thursday (this is where the Wall DOH! comes in). I wasted no time bee-lining it to Top Pot Doughnuts downtown with the excuse of picking up a treat for my hospitalized friend (but really needing my OWN doughnut fix), flying back home to change clothes for work, stopping by the hospital, then returning to work.

Today, Friday, I retrieved said friend from the bowels of hospital hell, ran by to pick up some grub to eat (since the refrigerators were bare in BOTH our homes), changed clothes again, and returned to work.

I have spent so little time in my own home this week, my cat no longer recognizes me and I fear she has secretly listed my home on eBay while I've been away...with plans to sell to the highest bidder offering a lifetime supply of her favorite cat treats. She's definitely a CHEAP cat, but she's not free...LOL

I am so hoping to get caught up (once again) on my blog roll reading, spend the weekend staring at my walls and drooling, and basically reconstituting what used to be a rational brain...full of MS lesions, yes...but RATIONAL. I'm definitely fatigued and exhausted at this point. I DO hope to get you updated on changes over at AOL Journals, Tysabri pricing issues, more on Disability Employment Month, and an assortment of other topics I am sure you will find titillating (huh, huh, I said tit). But for now, I am needing to return to the Bat Cave and (as my good friend "T" says), "slow my roll".

I'd inquire how YOU are doing, but as you can see, I am utterly self-absorbed and any inquiry would only be an attempt at a false sense of projected concern, which I am certain YOU would see right the World O' CHEESE, the spotlight remains painfully focused on Moi...much like the harsh lighting of an interrogation...sigh...


have myelin said...

Well, I did think the Wall Street crash was aptly time. LOL. For my spouse, that is.

For everyone else, no.

Bubbie said...

And here I was, lolly-gagging (where did that phrase come from?) around the country, taking in the sights and letting the hotel maids clean up my mess, oh well...back to reality, although never as full a schedule as yours, I still play "where's Bubbie".

Denver Refashionista said...

I can certainly relate to the self-absorbed. It's been my MO lately but I have gone to work every day so I guess that I'm at least staying directed and bringing in the bucks to make my "dream" life possible.

Spaz Attack said...

Hey Cheese DoH
Has YOUR mind ever been rational -- even pre-MS???? Me thinks knot.
But's always fun to read your blogs and know you are still kneading the DOH of your life.
Perhaps the harsh light of interrogation will fully bake your half-baked brain??? One can only hope.
To share my latest cat tale of Jimmy dSpaz. Some might remember reading I supported our local Humane Society by paying $70 for, what its minions claimed was its ONLY kitty to make a good "barn cat" or mouser, only upon arriving home discovering him deathly afraid of the great outdoors!
After several weeks of climbing trees to rescue the boy, I compromised with Jimmy by putting a "cat door" in my bathroom window (with a nice shelf outside it he loves to lay on), allowing him to sleep inside while encouraging him to relieve himself outdoors.
I think Jimmy's lived here about a year, and does in fact now enjoy exploring outside and amusing me by "stalking" little flying creatures (like butterflys or moths).
He has, on occasion, brought in a couple tiny mice that he's let loose in my home -- to the great delight of my mice-chasing dogs.
Friday night I ran out of cat food. It was feeding time. As poor little Jimmy looked on I fed the dogs, and then quickly left to have my own dinner at a friend's house. I reasoned with myself Jimmy could wait a couple more hours to eat ... I'd stop at the store for cat food on the way home.
Whan I arrived home late at night, cat food in hand, I went to put it in Jimmy's dish when low and behold, what did I find??? A tiny DEAD mouse carefully placed in the dish -- a gift from Jimmy. Was he trying to tell me he WOULD become a real mouse killer if only I'd keep feeding him the canned goods?? Perhaps BC's Princess of Darkness could enlighten me.

Jen said...

My life now seems dull in comparison--ha ha! I need a cattle prod to get me the hell away from this computer....

TickledPink said...

when you get one, Jen, could you give me a zap or two. I think my butt grew to the chair. Ow.

Lanette said...

How do you have MS and live such a busy life?! Wow maybe I am just lazy. I now have something to aspire too!

Here's to a slower week! Cheers!