Thursday, October 16, 2008


OK, not the kind in the my face.

Day TWO of staying home from work to *rest* while attempting to ward off whatever dark monster is lurking just under my neurological surface. I actually BATHED today...felt it was time since I was beginning to stick to the couch. I DID momentarily feel refreshed and a bit renewed, so of COURSE I thought it wise to try to venture out into the big world and test my land legs again.

No sooner had I arrived at the store to forage for food, I began to feel dizzy again, my vision started to fade in a weird blurry-sort-of-tunnel-type way, I felt immediate exhaustion, and...MY FACE STARTED TO TREMOR. I swear on all that is face started shaking like an off balance washing machine! and exciting, you say?

No, not really and the episode passed nearly as quickly as it came on after I sat down in the store to gather my wits about me. I managed to make it home with groceries in tow and just in time to fly down my steps to give offering to the porcelain god with whatever I had just eaten in the past 24 hours...I'm all cleaned out now. Perhaps I should consider signing up for a colonoscopy and take advantage of my situation??!!

I just checked my GoogleReader...61 posts by all y'all out there. They will just have to wait for a time when I can concentrate on your words. For now, I'm going to snake my way into my bed and visualize myself floating down a peaceful river...something without any waves or tremors...


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda:

I know you are a medical professional and all that but I'd like to put in my unsolicited two cents worth.

Damn, girl, you need medical attention - NOW!! I had a stroke in December 1983 and the symptoms you are describing are close, if not right on the money, for stroke (CVA - cerebral vascular accident).

Mine was slow onset and I ignored all the stuff you are describing for almost two weeks and finally on Christmas morning, it hit me full force. Jaw tremors, vision changes, vertigo, and wanting to sleep were what I remember the most before it finally hit me hard.

Now, I'm not saying you HAD or are HAVING a stroke, I'm just saying you need to be seen by your doc sooner rather than later.

Because of the Tysabri and whatever other meds you are taking, it COULD be a side effect or some freaky complication thereof, but I would rather err on the side of caution and be checked out.

Right after my stroke, like day four in ICU, my MS flared and it took two years to recover totally from both - enough to go back to work - even to take care of my two children.

So, please don't email SWNBN, get an emergency appointment and get seen sooner rather than later.

Ok, I'm off the soapbox now.

I'm worried about you.....please think about it.

Love, Anne

Joan said...

Wow - Anne you have quite a story!
Linda - I'm thinking about you. Don't worry about commenting on anything right now. Just hit that "Mark All Read" button over and over.

Unknown said...

hey girl....I think you should listen to Anne....
you have some worried friends here!!!

Lisa Emrich said...

Linda, I really hope that you heeded Anne's advice. You do have worried friends here.

Denver Refashionista said...

You have me worried. Please call a doctor right away.

Have Myelin? said...

Call the doctor, you......twerp.