Friday, October 24, 2008

Fire In The (lesion) Hole!...

I swear to you my house was on fire this morning.

I became aware of a hot, radiating heat that was coming from somewhere outside my bedroom. I could smell popcorn popping, which I KNEW was oddly strange for such an early time of the day. I heard voices outside my door and had the distinct impression my neighbor was popping the corn at barely Dawn's crack, which disturbed me more than annoyed me. Suddenly I put two and two together and realized my neighbor had most likely set the house on fire with a popcorn popper that had overheated!

I dashed out of my front door in complete alarm and panic, frantically searching for the source of the heat, and expecting to find flames dancing around my house. All I found was a stack of smoldering debris, but the heat it produced was quite intense. I sensed at any moment the stack would burst into uncontrollable flames and my house would be consumed.

I yelled at the neighbor to find water...ANY source of H20...and to begin dousing the smoldering debris pile while I called 911. Cell phone in hand, I tried repeatedly to dial those three, simple numbers, but my fingers kept hitting the wrong buttons...which only increased my panic more. When I finally managed to hit all three buttons in sequence, I was connected with the local sheriff's department, who promptly put me on *hold*.

"WTF?!" I screamed into the phone. "My effing house is on fire and I need the fire department here stat, you *$*#(@er's!"

I redialed 911 and got an operator who said, "Just a minute"...I could audibly hear her lay the phone down and walk away. The heat from the debris was becoming intolerable as I watched my neighbor fumble with a small garden hose that only produced a trickle of water, creating more steam than defense.

Then, just as I predicted would happen, a burst of flames shot upward into the sky, and I fell backward from the flash of hot, humid air pressing against my chest. **Fortunately...this is where I awakened from my nightmare.**

It took me several minutes this morning to realize there was no actual *fire* dancing around my hut. I was completely disoriented and drenched in sweat. THIS part of my tale is no dream. I had thoroughly soaked my bed sheets in perspiration and my cheeks (on my face, silly!) felt sunburned...later when looking in the mirror, my face DID appear *burnt* in some strange fashion.

I have spent the day home AGAIN from work, recovering from "something" that took over my body in the night. Dizziness abounds as has weakness and fatigue. I thought I was *over* this...I thought my relapse (if that really IS it's name) had packed it's bags and moved on. I was not prepared for this set back...apprehension and melancholy have plagued my thoughts much so, I have been unable to complete the most simple of tasks. Like remembering to take my daily medications (which has happened twice this week and COULD account for some of my disorientation! DOH!).

I don't know where my day has gone...but I clearly recall how it started. And now, as I prepare to drift off into Slumber Land again, I'm hoping whatever smoldering fire might be lying in wait will decide to burn itself out without disrupting my sleep again. Lest I spontaneously combust...


Shauna said...

Wow....sometimes those dreams are soooo real. I was breaking out in a sweat just reading this.

Are you pre menopausal? Or peri? Or whatever they're calling it these days?

This may also be a good opportunity for you to check smoke detectors in your home and perhaps program the 911 numbers into your speed dialer.

Rest up, sweetie.


have myelin said...

I too broke out in a sweat reading this. I am sorry you are going thru this Cheese.

Ice cream for you.

And hugs, good thoughts, and good cheese.

Anonymous said...

Geez, did you eat something spicy? LOL

Get some sleep - even if you have to take a sedative - deep sleep.

Take care,

TickledPink said...

Buy your neighbor a new popcorn popper so they don't keep using that faulty one.

When they ask what the occasion is, tell them you had a premonition. That'll scare them. hee hee

Miss Chris said...

Dang girl! Talk about a vivid dream! I hope it's not some sort of premonition. Maybe you'd better check the batteries in the smoke detectors today...

Bubbie said...

sleep, by most definitions, is restful and restorative. I think you need to work on that. Thant's one hell of a way to start your day.

Spaz Attack said...

Glad to hear it was a dream. Sometimes meds cause really vivid dreams.
About 3 years ago I dreamt someone I used to work with broke through the glass in her sliding back door and died. I was mourning her death and all. Woke up.
Just by chance I stopped by the office a couple days later. I wasn't close to that ex-coworker, nor did I have ANy idea what her home looked like. But I mentioned my dream to her, kinda laughing about how I mourned her death. She gave me an odd look. Said THAT day she had ordered a NEW sliding glass door and was having it installed the next week.
Perhaps my dream did save her from some fatal accident. Don't know. But what a weird coincidence. I agree with Tickledpink -- tell your neighbor about the dream and the need to buy a new popcorn maker.
And check your own....... because I don't want you checkin out of this life before I do! I enjoy reading your blog too darn much and I don't wanna be mourning, or jealous of, your death (LOL)