Monday, May 25, 2009

A Little Bit O' This -n- That...

I wish my mind were as compartmentalized and organized as that junk drawer above, but it's me...this frustrates me far more than it annoys YOU! For instance, should I be *disturbed* I FORGOT today was MEMORY-al day? Shouldn't I REMEMBER this?!? Isn't that the POINT?!?

I've had several emails lately that I've been meaning to respond to (with GOOD intention!), but just haven't been able to organize my sorry self to do so...SO, I thought I'd just use this format today to *communally* respond and hope all y'all will forgive me for my lack of proper Internet etiquette. :-( I'll leave out your names/identifiers where appropriate...unless I CAN use this information against you...then you're gonna get punked. Hehe.

From the mail bag (or wind bag...whatever):

SUSAN...the Susan who has traded emails with the likes of such a forgetful douche as myself...I CANNOT LOCATE THE LINK TO YOUR BLOG TO PLACE IT IN THE 100 MS BLOG LINK ON CHEESE!!! Where did it go? Have I totally gone to the dark side of dementia??? Yes, I forgot to write it down and now, when I search for it, I come up empty...sort of like my brain. Please, me your blog page. Lest I have to travel to Nebraska and track you down (You're probably safe, because I think I've been banned from ever returning to that state after remarking that the state capitol building looked like a huge penis protruding on the landscape, aka, "The Penis Of The Plains"...LOL And yes, are safe as well.).

TO THE BOOTIFUL CANADIAN SEARCHING FOR INFORMATION ABOUT RiSoTRIENE...OK, this topic has exhausted me! Because there just ISN'T much information about RiSoTriene out there. I've even enlisted someone who I consider a personal Health Fitness Guru of Florida to assist me in uncovering what research/information there might be out there on RiSoTriene in the USA...Bubbie, of *Bubbie's Blog*...because she is from the "Blue Hair State" and everyone KNOWS Flo-ree-da is the home of supplements and nutritional facts due to the overwhelming population of retiree's there! Bubbie found an article about rice bran having high concentrates of arsenic in it (scary, but really? Doesn't EVERYTHING we eat have useless/potentially fatal crap in it?!?) and I uncovered a letter from the USA FDA to Healthy Living about RiSoTriene, telling them to cease and desist all claims that RiSoTriene will work like a drug to lower glucose levels and assist with Multiple Sclerosis symptoms...beyond that, I'm stumped. I even went to two local health food stores here in Seattle to inquire, and they stared at me like I was a circus clown at a funeral (I AM rather out of place at a *health food store* as it is apparent by my size and stature my "health" is not a high priority!)...they had no clue either. So, OF COURSE, this only makes me want to get some of this milled rice product/RiSoTriene and TRY it!!! Gawd knows I've been willing to try many OTHER VooDoo products that the FDA has approved (like most all of the MS Disease Modifying Meds here in the States). I'll let you know if I can figure out how to get my hands on the stuff and I'll have the Executor of my will contact you should it kill me.

NAOMI...I didn't forget you or your email. Although I think I read where Lori Schneider already reached the summit of Mt. Everest. My bad...I should have gotten off my necrotic butt and posted this information from your email sooner. I think ANYONE with MS who accomplishes walking out their front door everyday is a brave soul...let alone someone like Lori who makes it to her drive way and all the way up Mt. Everest!! Thanks for the link...

RAINI...not only do I LOVE the moniker (unless that really IS your name, then I ADORE it!), but think you rock! Yes, an attitude IS a terrible thing to waste and it does my heart good to know there is another *attitudinally challenged* individual hanging out on the blogosphere! Keep up the attitude and the mood...I also think back when the brain cells were creating more friction and rubbing together, I had noted YOU wrote a blog...which, OF COURSE, I cannot locate the link today. Too much space has accumulated between the brain cells I guess and there is no longer much activity firing away...sigh. If I AM correct about your blog, woodcha send me a link so I can include it? **Sulking away like a puppy just scolded for peeing on the floor**

DEAR SN IN INDIA...thank you so much for the friendly email and link to your magnificent art! I especially admire the painting of the woman holding the this a self-portrait? You and Bubbie (linked above) should talk...both are such gifted artists! I can draw stick figures, but even with that, I tend to not get the circle for the head shape drawn correctly! Stumble in any time are ALWAYS welcome!

WEBSTER...In response to your comment on the previous post, yes...I AM feeling a bit better mentally, but the pain in my body persists. I think I am simply growing USED to the discomfort AND tired of hearing my sorry arse squeak about it. For the most part, I can tolerate the physical is the MENTAL/EMOTIONAL sequela that gets set in motion whenever I am *tolerating* the pain that is the most disturbing to me. I feel utterly distracted and as if I am peering through shattered glass at the world around me (metaphorically vision is fine).

Things seem out of place and *fractured* as I struggle to make it from sun up to sun down without screaming out in discomfort or irritability. The long pause this past week in blogging has been the result of this accumulation of physical/emotional reaction. I HAVE discussed with my neuro the possibility of seeing a spine specialist...because I am certain this pain is due to the degeneration of my cervical spine and NOT primarily MS-related. So, as far as feeling better? I'm probably just tolerating feeling BAD in a BETTER way...sigh.

Dear WALK STARS: Sneaky, little BREAST CANCER GIRLS slipping over here to CHEESE under a new name and blog! You are soooo busted...pun intended. (LMAO at my superior wit...hehe) And in response to YOUR comment in which you believe the correct term is "A mouse in your pocket"...perhaps in Arizona (where the heat melts away all humor, unless you are MISS CHRIS, who always looks bootiful no matter what the temperature) that WOULD be the correct saying. But where I come from (white trailer trash city), we didn't HAVE mice...we had RATS...and *turds* were abundant, too. Often the kind on two legs. :-) Hence the saying in response to the incorrect use of the word *we*, "What, do you have a turd in your pocket?" **Dialing my dead mother up now on the Ouija Board to clarify this**.

SHAUNA...In response to your comment regarding my desire to drive the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile in my next career move (I believe the exact quoted comment was this: "I've been offered plenty of free wieners in my life. I politely decline."),I am only NOW able to type without falling out of my chair and laughing hysterically every time I think of your response. You Canadians are such a risque' group! Must be why I love you so...LOL

SHERRY/aka HAVE MYELIN?...I will forever be indebted to you for the borrowing and use of your word F-tard. And no, I have NOT gone all PC (politically correct) by not spelling out F-U-C-K...I'm just busy, and typing out the entire word takes too long. Plus, this would only give the JESUS CAMPERS more ammunition for comments. :-)

I think I'm done now...


Blindbeard said...

What's with this whole Jesus Camp stuff? Did you go to camp there and go AWOL after one all night prayer session? Maybe I am just confusing you with me... you know how we Nebraskaians are, more corn cobs than brains. Good thing there is no shame in my game. I am not ashamed of being from NE, even though NE is ashamed of me.

Have Myelin? said...

I think they (the Jesus Campers) love you their dreams because you say what they dare not.

Posting as *brain without drugs...*