Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If You've Been Looking For Me...

Ah, yeah...I'm still here. Not hiding...just busier than a divorce lawyer in Hollywood, that's all! I've also been spending far more time than ever SLEEPING (WooHoo!) AND feeling remarkably well. I know, I know...what's THAT all about?!?

I'd like to say this flight into wellness is the result of pure and healthy living...but since I spent the day at a local Casino with two friends, I'd be hard pressed to make a case for the *healthy* part of that living. LOL I'd also like to blame my *feeling-better-than-I've-felt-in-a-long-time/possibly-since diagnosis-of-MS* situation on the fact I've stopped all DMD treatments. No steroids, no Tysabri, no shots, no "nuthin", but my own faulty immune system pulsating around in my veins. But I'm quite certain if I made THAT claim/hypothesis public, I'd be found floating down the Duwamish River, either with a cap popped in my a$$ by a shady representative from one of the major drug companies OR Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named...both are staunch believers in the benefits of *better living through chemistry* approach.

Whatever the cause, the point is (and I DO have one) I'm feeling somewhat full of energy and as if I am getting some LIFE back in veins. The month of December nearly killed me (literally) with my dreaded bronchitis/laryngitis/pneumonia episode AND there were a few rather low points in the past 5 weeks where I rather WISHED December might just choke the last breath out of me! I hate feeling that physically ill with no remedy or end in sight. It took every ounce of my mental strength just to get out of bed each day, attempt to breathe, AND go to work (I did miss some time from the workplace unfortunately)...let alone fight the throws of Mother Nature dumping arctic air and snow in the Puget Sound region.

I've received many emails of concern and care over the past several weeks...I DO always try diligently to answer/respond to any emails I receive...granted, not always in a TIMELY manner, but a response nonetheless (for whatever THAT is worth!). A few of you have inquired about my foot burning/ankle pin-pricking episode that started right before the LUNG DEATH GRIP got a hold of me...what I can report is, the pain has subsided oddly. The balls/pads of my feet have now simply gone *numb*...can't feel a darned thing like temperature or pressure, which is quite all right with me! I'm just strange that way...I'll take numb over pain any day (which may be why there was that low point in my early 20's where I drank too much...but I digress. LOL).

I have not forgotten you, my preciouses...I also have not gotten around to reading YOUR blog posts, but I intend to do so just as soon as time permits. I have a bit of a "hellacious" (Is that even a word? My mother used to say that...closest she EVER came to swearing, which is probably why I remember it!) work week ahead of me with a 16 hour day on Thursday. My employer is insistent everyone who drives one of our government vehicles takes a 4 hour defense(less) driving course (which I actually prefer to call "offensive driving course", because I find it offensive that, after nearly 30 years of driving and a squeaky clean DMV record with only one speeding ticket in 1991, I am REQUIRED to NOW learn to drive?!?).

So, as you can imagine, in between sleeping like a hibernating bear, putting in extra work hours this week, and rubbing Dr. SWWNBN's nose in my puddle of NEENER because I am feeling so incredibly well and energized in spite of speculation I might be comatose by May without SOMETHING disease-modifying altering my basic chemistry, I *may* not get around to all y'alls blogs this week. Heck, I *may* not even get around to posting something trashy and completely uninteresting on THIS blog this week!

Please bear with me...this feeling ALIVE again is just taking up so much of my time. I've nearly forgotten what a time suck ENJOYING life can be...LOL...


harkoo said...

Wow! Good for you.

Anonymous said...

I always tell my doctor that "Numb is good." It beats pain.

Miss Chris said...

So great to hear you're feeling good!

Kelley said...

I'm glad you are doing well with your all-natural approach. I was concerned about you, especially after hearing about all the flooding, etc. in Washington.

Enjoy being offensive at your offensive driving course!


Webster said...

All the extra sleep is helping you to feel good I'd bet, and ridding yourself of the toxins can't be hurting. In any case it's working for you. WooHoo!

Spaz Attack said...

So glad to read your cocky, rude and inspiring personality is rockin again!
Those who've been a Spaz for a while learn to listen to our bodies more than our "special" doctors. I caution you not to rub Dr. She's nose in your feelin good crap too much -- Her advice is often right more than wrong ya know.
I got the numb balls of feet too, along with a plethera of pain problems there.

Keep on staying on the DQ and giving us the lowdown!

have myelin said...

I love hearing this. Makes me happy. Maybe I'll go au naturale in the snow.