Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weather-Related Mini Vacation Closure...

Due to circumstances outside of my control (I mean, I'm *good*, but even I can't control the weather!), I remain at home and NOT sipping hot chocolate by a warm, wood burning stove on the outskirts of one of our Islands here in Puget Sound. And I am bummed. I have been *bummed* all day. So, in the spirit of *bummed*, I have done NOTHING, but bum around. Well, that and waiting for the high wind gusts to knock out my power as usual.

So far, the electricity has stayed on all afternoon and evening and it appears the wind gusts are dying down. Our local 520 floating bridge (which "natives" often refer to as the "520 car wash" when the winds pick up) managed to stay open all day, even with a few wind gusts over 50mph (It is mandated to close for traffic if wind speeds reach a sustained 50mph or above for 15 consecutive minutes). I have cranked up my heat in the hut to a toasty 72 degrees...waiting...I have electric heat, so it is always best to *preheat* if there's a chance the power is going to go down.

I have also, for some strange reason, not felt "myself" (minds out of the gutter here, I'm NOT talking literally!) today. Periodic episodes of dizzy have been plaguing my existence throughout the afternoon and evening. Of all the transient MS symptoms I have, DIZZY is my worst enemy. Because with dizzy, I often feel twinges of nausea...and believe me, if there is ONE thing I will sell a kidney in an effort to avoid, that is up-chucking nausea. I can manage pain, paralysis, numbness, and all other MS symptoms with a tiny bit of grace...but give me dizzy/nausea, and I whimper like a baby and cry like a school girl. I honestly humbly bow to those on prolonged cancer treatments who deal with nausea daily for weeks or months at a time!

I've also begun to notice a return of some minor/lesser MS symptoms that are no more than an annoyance, but coupled together, DO make me irritable (like I NEED an excuse to be irritable?!?). My toes and the bottom balls of my feet have felt fire-ish and somewhat painful as well as what feels like the beginnings of muscle cramps in my calves. I earlier had those annoying facial tremors in my chin and also have an ache in the left side of my neck, which travels down my left shoulder and into my arm. It's that "nerve-y anxious discomfort pain"...the kind that is hard to describe, but so easily identified from past experience with it. I suppose with all of these minor body inconveniences, it has probably been for the best I did NOT travel away from the confines of the hut for now.

And on a complete loosely related note, I received word of yet ANOTHER MS blogger new to the blogging world at Life In The Slow Lane ...added to the stack of blogger links over there on the left side bar. It goes without saying, welcome, Nickie! But I'm so sorry about the ride...

I finally just had to give up the ghost and mark ALL of my GoogleReader blog links as *read*. I'm sorry. I've not been avoiding you or your blogs. I just got behind about 75 blog posts and felt too overwhelmed to catch up. With one click of a button, I am no longer haunted by unread blogger posts and can pretend all is well in my world. I WILL try to get caught up on reading all y'all's blogs again soon...I think this is just part of my *bummed* persona that has been brewing all week.

Time for me to stick my fiery toes under my sheets and get some shut eye. We're expecting snow tomorrow and I want to be well rested for THAT drama! Snow in Seattle is *almost* as big news as the recent snow in the south...almost...


Shauna said...

The 520 Car Wash...most excellent. We have a causeway that links Cape Breton Island with the rest of Nova Scotia and from time to time that has to be shut down for the same reason.

Sorry your trip has been postponed. Best laid plans and all that, eh? And I'm with you on the nausea thing...I will do ANYTHING to not have that feeling.


TickledPink said...

Sorry you were trapped at home with the MS tiny creatures wreaking havoc with your senses.

Like any good hypochondriac, I have everything I read about and I just read an article yesterday about paroxysmal (did I win the spelling bee?) symptoms. The are fleeting symptoms that sometimes last only seconds, but come and go all during the day and can last (overall) for weeks at a time.

I got to thinking about it and realized I have these. They are annoying for certain, and I totally agree that the dizzy-til-you-puke one is definitely the worst!

I also have "itchy-spot-nothing-there" and "who-put-the-ice (or-is-that-fire?) in-my-shoes".

I also have a "no-I'm-NOT-winking-at-you" twitch in my right eye.

But I would have to say that my all time favorite (it's an oldie but goodie) is "duh-what-was-that-word??" sometimes accompanied by drool (not really but I feel like it is).

I got overwhelmed by the blogosphere too and only read a couple blogs now (I won't say who but I guess posting this comment is a dead giveaway who ONE of them belongs to).

I'm trying to help you out with the blog posts...I cut back to only writing every couple of weeks. :-)

Back to reading all the many posts I have missed...

Take care and hope your fleeting symptoms go away soon.

why can't any of them be a spontaneous orgasm? Just wondered. It seems so cruel that all the symptoms are either painful or at best annoying...I just was thinking we ought to catch a break now and then.

Going back to my exercise wheel. I'll shut up now. BTW, my water bottle is empty.

Jen said...

What a mess. Sorry about your trip. I had the impression you were going somewhere tropical, but a nearby island sounds peaceful. We could use one of those in NJ, but I guess we can go to Staten Island (if anyone knows this area, they know that this option will cause MORE stress and LESS relaxation..Hehehe..)

My legs are a little achy today and we have to go to an Xmas office party in a few hours. The only redeeming part is that there's a waffle bar!...

Miss Chris said...

I am bummed for you! I hope you are staying warm.

Merelyme said...

You just relax...don't worry about catching up. we will all still be here! how do you find all these new MS bloggers? we are growing like fruit flies.

Sorry about your symptoms...MS never takes a break huh? I have been trying to be in denial but it isn't working for me.

Just trying to catch up here myself with comments. As usual I am way behind and I do apologize.

Stay safe and warm!

Joan said...

More reasons to hate this season... Oops, it's not my turn to whine, sorry! Here's hoping that you feel better soon.

Blindbeard said...

I don't get the "fiery" feeling, I got the "cold" feeling that makes my feet and calves feel like they are 1 degree above frost bite no matter how much I toast them on the heater. I think the fiery sounds worse, so I will keep roasting my feet and be thankful I don't have that -- a rare thing for me to be thankful!