Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Never Content...

Colder than a well digger's arse outside, yet my feet feel like they are on fire...what gives?!?


Spaz Attack said...

It's because you are a LIAR that you are ON FIRE you freaky little splat of melted cheese. Last friday I read you were taking a blog vacation so I actually didn't bother to glance at your blog -- in which I normally sit here anxiously with my own Mountain Dew breath to take in your Every Sacred Word (that's ESW to you), and here it is Monday night (or early Tuesday?)And I see SIX NEW BLOGS???? Ok, I was actually busy working on my own deadlines and Spaz life, but the point is you are a liar, liar, feet on fire. Nuf said...pop some marshmellows are your tootsis to toast and then enjoy with your Mountain Dew. Too tired to read the other PREVIOUS five blogs I missed. Now I'm afraid if I miss another day you'll have written so many I'll never catch up.
BTW, while your toasting I think I got frostbite in me fingertips. Still hurting after being back inside for hours. Since I'm numb outside I don't have good percpetion of being frozen. I know I'm cold, just don't realize my BODY is frozen. -- ain't nuthing good or fun about being a spaz, dat is for sure!!!!

Jen said...


I'm so bored and boring that I posted about my mechanical problems with WordPress. Where do you bloggers draw your creativity from?!

Feet on fire! suck big time.



I couldn't resist responding to your comment (which you KNOW I rarely if ever do!).

"Where do you bloggers draw your creativity from?!"

ANSWER: I'd be more specific, but it's not a pretty place and involves part of the large bowel!


Miss Chris said...

On fire eh? Mine are like blocks of ice. I suppose neither is ideal.


Jen? Who you callin' "you bloggers"?

"You bloggers"- now that sounds either jealous or prejudiced. Which is it girl?

For some silly reason, I had thought that you were "one of us." So you's a blogger, man, don't forget it!!!

pb said...

Hey, does anybody else have that nasty wet feeling I always get with mine?

Some days I actually remove my shoes to check if my socks are damp.

BTW, they are otherwise usually numbed or on fire. And they almost always feel pinched, whether in shoes or not.

Jen said...

I am a closet blogger dressed as an MSer. I'm honored that you wrote to me in your comments section, Linda. I'm linking my current post (right now) to you. Go take a look and keep reading, if you dare...hehehe!

PS: I imagine a great deal of my own future musings will require toilet paper.