Saturday, November 29, 2008

DAYUM! That Hurts!!!...(Subtitled, "MS Pain")

Yesterday evening (or early this morning to most people), I went to bed at my semi-normal time of 1:30AM. I had not been feeling the best on Friday throughout the afternoon and evening, but chalked my "unwell" up to eating some wheat products on Thursday (still doing my veggie detox diet mostly) and thinking I was developing a head cold. I was also strapped to a chair like a hostage for nearly 9 1/2 hours at work, so my bodily aches and pains that developed "could" be attributed to this. Anyway, these were my rationales when it was time to lay me down to sleep.

I switched up my bedtime doses of medications a bit due to the increased joint/muscle pain I was experiencing, taking two Zanflex instead of one, not taking a Baclofen, and also popping my usual Diclofenac and Klonopin for good measure...yeah, I know. Sounds like a lot of drugs, but they DO seem to help me sleep through the night without frequent waking from pain. And sleep is far more important to me than what anyone thinks about my prescription drug use...LOL.

Around 5:00AM, I awoke with what I can only describe as heart attack pain in my right calf and upper least it FELT as serious as a heart attack! My leg had contracted up to my waist and I could not straighten it. The intensity of the pain caused me to want to yell out, as tears started free-falling on my face, and I had to remind myself to keep breathing, lest I pass out from the pain. This lasted a good 10 - 20 minutes, but FELT like hours. Eventually, I was able to massage my calf into some relief of the spasm and remove my knee from the back of my throat (OK, THAT is an exaggeration, but I think you know what I mean!). This was some of the most intense and excruciating pain I have felt in a while.

Needless to say, I was NOT able to return to sleep, and instead got up and limped to the bathroom and began my day...gingerly stepping down on my right leg because it felt (and continues to feel) like it could surprise attack me again without notice. Later in the morning, I emailed my Internet Neurologist for maximum dosage levels for Baclofen, and I have begun taking this drug round the clock in hopes of warding off another attack...My right forearm and wrist ALSO feel like they want to get in on the action, so I'm literally typing with one hand...laying down with a laptop is the "bomb".

Our good friend, Harkoo, way out there in the land of Maine, had emailed me just yesterday talking about MS pain...I told her that perhaps I should write a post about the phenomenon because pain WAS the initial diagnostic symptom that brought home the present of a MS diagnosis for me...and pain CONTINUES to be a primary factor in my personal brand of MS. After last night's experience and the aftermath today, I can only say, "Harkoo...I'll get right on that!"

Unfortunately today, it has taken me almost an hour just to type this much using only my left hand, so my *Pain Post* will have to wait until another consider this brief installment PART 1 of things to come.

And as for me, I'll just be right here on my couch if y'all need me for anything...right here trying to vie for space between myself and the cat...she shows no mercy when it comes to nap time...


Shauna said...

Ouch.....interestingly enough, I've been working on another post myself about pain, but the neuropathic kind.

Hope you get some relief.


Webster said...

Ouch is right, Linda. Oddly enough Last week I experienced something similarly intense when just sitting here with my laptop. Although for me it wasn't as much of a flexor spasm, just extreme tightness. I took the requisite baclofen and drank some water and ate half a banana and tried to "walk" it out. When I woke the next morning I felt like I sprained my ankle. Luckily it didn't stay sore for long.

And Lisa over at Brass and Ivory also had a spasm problem over the weekend, which came after a walk on the sand. She paid a heavy toll for the serenity of the ocean.

Damned MS!



"Thank you for writing about MS pain. I will be very interested in reading people's comments. I have had MS for 20 years and only within the last month have experienced MS Pain. It is in my right foot and extends up my lower right leg. It is quite excruciating and makes me yell out in pain. My doctor has given my hydrocodone to take q 4 hours but taking that can be a life-changer. Right now, I am experimenting with living with the pain versus taking the med prn. The medicine is winning! I am wondering if there is a trigger to getting this pain? It started with me so suddenly."


Jen said...

I'm gonna try to think of the pains I've had with MS:

1. horrible headaches on and off for a year (before being diagnosed and needing a shot of Demerol or Vicadin pills to stop the PAIN) never to return--like other MS symptoms?
2. the MS "hug" around my upper torso like someone was squeezing the life out of me--Baclofen helped
3. feet on fire! excrutiating one time where I was sure I was gonna vomit--Neurontin
4. shooting right temple and face pains (TN?)-- Neurontin
5. terrible lower back and hip pains where my doctor admitted me to the ER, thinking it was an unresolved UTI. Pain ran down my thighs. Went away in a week, never to return(?!)

I think that's most of it. The headaches were the worst, followed by the feet on fire.

MS is too strange and inconsistent. I hope you get some relief soon...