Sunday, November 09, 2008

Another Neuro Short Bus Rider...

I got a message from Tracy over at, Living Life With Sarcasm, Kids, and MS , with a *strange* request to be added to the (now) 131 Links to MS Bloggers over there on the left hand side of the bar (where drinks are served at midnight...hehe). I say *strange* because, I went over to check out her blog. Seriously...I mean, practically ANYONE who can construct complete sentences AND has MS can make that list over there...hence my use of the word *strange* request. No "request" is needed, just a note to say, "Put me on the stinkin' list"...but she was kind about it anyway.

OK, I don't DO blog reviews because I don't want anyone reviewing my garbage HERE...but I have to say, Tracy's blog is Hi Larry Us! And that's ALL I'm saying, so just go check it out yourself. It DOES have the word, "SARCASM", in the title after all (a blogger kin folk!)...


Jen said...

Welcome to the MS short bus, Tracy. We're riding in style....

Hey Bus Driver: Do you think all of us ladies who are riding in such close quarters all the time will get our menstrual cycles all in sync (those of us with the misfortune of still having them?) I noticed that I am in sync already with a few ladies who talk about their PMS. Do you think we'll eventually all freak out at the same time because of hormones? Will the short bus derail?

Just some funny stuff: I went to the Etheridge concert last night and two ladies almost got in a brawl near us because of their seats. The security people had to come over and separate them. I kid you not. And the concert ended up being a "Holiday Show" with X-mas songs! It's gonna be on TV soon-- gotta check the channel and time. People were yelling out "Obama" and "Bring Me Some Water." We ended up standing in the aisle for a bit and apparently other people didn't realize the show was gonna be all X-mas songs either. Still, a great performance.

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks. I'll check it out.


Well, bah-humbug. I'm so feeling left out. I say a comment left at Diane's place, followed it to Tracy's place, and left a comment for her welcoming her to the MS Blog Community.

She hasn't yet come around, but then again, I haven't blogged that much lately. But, come on, doesn't every new MS blogger want to talk to the Carnival queen?

(The Carnival btw is late AGAIN due to zero submissions. Hmmm, must be doin' something wrong.)

I was planning on announcing/welcoming Tracy tomorrow...but now.... well, humphf... I'll have to find something else.

Thanks for spreading the welcomes.

About Me. said...

Dear Brain Cheese,
Do you mind if I add a link to your blog on my blog?

Webster said...

Welcome Tracy,
I'll be right over to check out just how sarcastic you are.

Is sarcasm lost on kids?

Be Well.

Tracy said...

Thank you all for welcoming me onto the short bus! I feel like I'm in with the cool crowd now!

Oh and Lisa Emrich, do the post anyways! I need my ego fed A LOT! I'll totally act surprised if you want me to!

Thanks for the awesome mention and the blog review (even though you don't do them). I appreciate it!