Saturday, September 27, 2008

I KNOW You Are, But What Am I?!?...

I love that line...the title of this blog post. It's from " Pee Wee's Playhouse ", a kid's show in the mid 80's. It amazes me I remember ANYTHING from that that I'm sober (a story for another time). LOL

Paul Reubens, aka, Pee Wee Herman was the voice and persona behind the main character of Pee Wee's was actually a pretty good kid's show in its time (yeeeeah...I know. Why WAS I watching it then?!?). There was even a movie put out by Warner Brothers, called "Pee Wee's Big Adventure". Life was good for Pee Wee...until in 1991 the man behind the character was arrested for public masturbation in a movie theater...rather an odd synchronicity to play a children's character named "Pee Wee" and then get arrested for exposing your Pee...well, you know what I mean.

Basically, I believe Paul Reubens was/is an OK character (not Pee Wee, the MAN)...he did some public service announcements, several in Hollywood (even Bill Cosby, I believe) came to his defense, and the issue was eventually forgotten...mostly. I feel the same about Paul Reubens as I do former President Bill Clinton. He was basically a good president. Yes, CERTAINLY there are things about both of these "characters" that would be considered a swan-dive fall from grace, but I still believe in their ROLE/how they have served the public, has resulted in basically good things.

OK...I hear you. Just bear with me for a moment and I'll bring this topic back around to something semi-thoughtful!

Yesterday, I had the great fortune of having lunch with two of the finest people I know. And when I say "finest", I mean finest of character...basically very GOOD people. They are the type of characters I STILL say, "When I grow up, I want to be like such and such"...because I respect them...because when I am around one or both of these characters, I find MYSELF wanting to be a better person. They inspire me to show MY *basically good* side to the world...something that sometimes gets "hidden" under the clutter of my personality.

The folks I am speaking about are not *perfect*...can we just accept my near anti-Christ assumption when I say, NONE OF US ARE? They have their "dark sides", their idiosyncrasies, their own "issues" and, neither they nor I, are blinded to this fact. Yet STILL, they inspire ME to be and become a better person than I am in this moment in time and to be mindful of who and what I CAN be in this world.

"Why, how on earth do they do THAT?" you ask. LOL Well, I've pondered this notion in the wee (not pee wee) hours of the morning and I came to the following conclusion: I am inspired by those who have a firm conviction/belief about what is basically *good* and *right* and *fair* and *just* in this world...and by those who LIVE by this conviction, no matter the cost.

When I FINALLY *grow up* in this world, I hope that I will be able to maintain a steadfast conviction of respect, responsibility, justice, and compassion. I hope that I may one day BE the person someone ELSE hopes they can grow up to be...knowing my faults, my shortcomings, my darkness, and my failures...and STILL be inspired and inspiring to become "just a little bit more". I hope one day I will be able to change Pee Wee's saying to, "I know you are, and SO am I"...



Great post, great point, great desire. thank you.

Spaz Attack said...

Pee Wee Herman?? ACK!!! You MUST have been "under the influence" if you enjoyed watching him! (LOL)

Unless extremely narcissistic, I think it human nature to want to emulate someone we admire. I, too, have people and friends whose "good" attributes inspire me to do better or try harder. Since you share information with us "PEEPS," I thought I'd share with you it's not really an anti-Christ assumption none of us are perfect. The Bible clearly states all sin, in that we all fall short of perfection. Christ's statement that "you must be perfect as I am perfect," isn't referring that Christens are considered perfect simply because they believe in him, rather it's referring to Christ's mental attitude and how his followers are encouraged to try to imitate it.
What I get from your blog is one reason you admire your "fine" friends is how encouraging it can be to be around those with positive attitudes, who seem to be able to react to adverse situations with more grace, dignity and honor than the average person.
If only I could unstuck myself from my own dirty rut at the side of the road and get back on the Highway of Positive Thinking.I got the directions and the tools...yet I just keep sitting here.
Gotta go now... I see one of my "postive" friends passing by so I'm gonna pretend to be happy, stick out my thumb and see if I can hitch a ride! Gots to play the part of being positive because NO ONE enjoys being around a negative, unhappy person.
Up, Up and AWAY!

Sara said...

i remember the day pee wee was arrested - my sis & i ran around the house screaming "i know you are but what am i" and doing the pee wee herman dance, bear in mind we were only 11 and 13 at the time!!

excellent post ms. cheesewiz!

Denver Refashionista said...

I would like to be strong like you when I grow up. You work so hard for others and you have no one to take care of you. That is truly special.

Bubbie said...

I haven't thought about Pee Wee in a longtime...and he was from and arrested right here in my town! My kids used to watch him, I was unamused but characterized him as the anti-Mr.Rogers.