Thursday, September 04, 2008

Have I Missed Anyone?!?...

#126...I think. I've lost count at this juncture! Here's the latest to add to the list: MS. ME , who BTW, appears to live in Pearland, TX, WHERE I USED TO LIVE AT ONE TIME (very southern suburbish town south of Houston)...who knew there were so many of "us" around?

If I've somehow "missed" adding your MS blog to the link over there, drop me a line and perhaps swear at me or something so I'll REMEMBER to type you in!

**And no sooner had I posted this one, I received a comment from Nina at Planning The Unpredictable--Living With Multiple Sclerosis , letting me know that YES, in fact I HAD missed one! And another local Seattlite to boot...sigh. OK, #127!!! (and she didn't even swear at me so I'd remember to list her)**

**Thanks Kimberly, for making yourself #128 addition to the list at My Journey With MS--Kimberly . You've been added to the ranks!**


Nina said...

I think you missed me!

Spaz Attack said...

Obviously your OCD compells you to list EVERY MS BLogger around the World, HOWEVER Since there is no MS blogger funnier or more gifted than thou Cheese, and no MS SPAZ more NUMBSKULL than thine, you must submit to my power of suggestion to
The crazies need you to be alert, upright (not uptight or outta site) and dancin on the ceiling.

Kimberly said...

You missed my blog :)


Kimberly said...

Yep :) You missed me.

Denver Refashionista said...

I really appreciate you keeping us up to date but Spaz is right, get some rest lady (Lol).

MS. ME said...

Can I have some of your energy? Seriously, you lived in P-land??? I figured it would separate me from the H-town pack! I love it - although we're actually getting our 2nd HS next year.... we'll have 2 oil rigs now!! LOL Thanks for the list - I've found lots of support!

Bald Ben said...

Sorry Cheese,

I feel like I started something here. I know we all appreciate the recognition.

Bald Ben

Colleen said...

My blog too.

I live in Houston. Years ago married a boy from Pearland. Some of his family were "founding" families and still live in "old" Pearland. One side or the other of the railroad tracks!