Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bald Is "In"...Just NOT On Britney!...

I'm talking about Bald Ben , the latest addition to the now 122 MS blog links over there to the left! Take a moment and check him out...and so it goes. Another unfortunate joins the ranks of Multiple Sclerosis.

Whew...I'm as tired as a Spring bull in a stock yard of heifers. Beat. Spent. Worn down to a nub. Only wish my exhaustion had even the SLIGHTEST bit to do with "springtime" activity. LOL

Unfortunately, my weariness comes from running too far on a gas tank of fumes this week. My sleep remains at best, "disturbed". I continue to average about 3-4 hours per 24 for unknown reasons. I've been dealing with increased body aches/neck ache for quite some time now, so I just can't imagine my ENTIRE insomniac issue is solely from a stiff neck waking me EVERY night...although, it HAS been doing just that.

I'd like to say I've oddly grown "used" to functioning on little sleep, but I worry that (in itself) is just the sleep deprivation talking crazy. LOL I DID finally email Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named to *consult* (which really means, I state the problem, she offers solution, I quickly shrug off solution and consult my psychic, Dionne Warwick instead). She suggested I try a "toddy" combination of muscle relaxants, but added "just be careful not to knock yourself out". I thought this a strange thing to say, given my GOAL is to *knock myself out* for a bit longer than 4 hours!?! I emailed back, suggesting if she hadn't heard from me in a week or so, to send someone over to check on me and make sure my cat isn't gnawing on my lifeless body. :-)

I spent the majority of my waking hours today (all 20 or so of them) planning, preparing, and running the streets of Seattle in preparation for the upcoming MS150 Bike Ride next weekend. Yes...sigh...I have once again been *drafted* as the "Tent Marm". Only this year, the riders have TRIPLED in numbers on the team. And NO, I did NOT know this when I was being sweet-talked into the role again. So much to do, so little time. And I am FAR TOO OCD for events such as this! I've even contacted the local MS Society Chapter sponsor to inquire about recycling at the event (which, I'll have you know, ISN'T happening! WHOOT, you say?!?). It's these type of details that run my brain on overdrive.

Did I mention I am also slated to work an overnight shift tomorrow? No? How could I have possibly forgotten THIS little piece of health-altering information?!? Nothing like the mentally ill at 3:00 in the morning...and that's just the night staff at the local ER's...never MIND the patients I'll be dealing with. LOL I have exactly ONE day off next week before heading to the MS150 Ride (yes, I AM working straight through the week until next Wednesday). Cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me...but you DIDN'T ask me, so...

If I make it to Monday the 15th, I may be looking like ol' Brit up there in the picture...bald and with crazy eyes...having pulled out my own hair by then (the *crazy eyes* come naturally for me!)...


Anonymous said...

I applaud the fact that you can work those hours, albeit with repercussions afterward.

As for the MS walk, what if the day comes and you can't walk that day? Esp after the work schedule you have.

Oh well, please take care Linda. And a night time drug cocktail must be looking good to you by now with all your sleeplessness.

Save it for your first day off so you are not expected to be anywhere at a certain time. With no committments expected from you, it might just work!

take care,

have myelin said...

YAY! I got my password back! YAY! Oh wait, this isn't about me. I love not being able to sleep. I love feeling like crap. Wait...that's called MS, right?

MS 150Ride? WOW.

Spaz Attack said...

And I KNOW you wouldn't wanna change your hectic pace for MS "retirement" HELL.
Don't know how you get ANY sleep without the help of meds! At the very least take a muscle relaxer, plus a pain med ... add a sleep med and you'll be, well, sleeping like the stiff-necked gal you are!

Blindbeard said...

I never thought about Dionne Warwick (can never think of her outside of Solid Gold -- that's where I learned all my sweet dance moves) I just stick to Miss Cleo. Something about her forced Jamacian accent says "honesty and truth" to me. I never have problems sleeping, but I take Requip for my horrible RLS and that knocks me out.

Miss Chris said...

That Britney picture scared me. Yikes!

Bald Ben said...

Hey remember Bald is beutiful! Thanks for the shout out! We are strong in numbers friends, even if our limbs are not.

Bald Ben