Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This just sent to me by Michelle of BRAIN ANGLES...

It's time to shake off that Super Bowl loss/celebration and turn to matters at hand! Michelle sent me this way cool video today, encouraging us "Staters" to pay attention to our politics...whatever they may be.

Take a peek:

Hi Linda,

I just want to share this music video to encourage your country's citizens to vote. I was inspired!

Stay inspired!

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Bubbie said...

That was inspiring.
Hope my Great Flaccid State of FL doesn't screw it up again this time.

Miss Chris said...

It never ceases to amaze me how few people actually turn out to vote given the actual population. Can you say "apathy"? And those are usually the complainers!

Joan said...

WOW! Obama really can inspire. A week ago, his wife was scheduled to talk at a college here in tiny Delaware and they expected about 400 people. Two thousand people showed up. She was just as impressive and WOWed the audience. The Obama camp realized that he needed to come, too. 10,000 showed up and crammed into tiny downtown Wilmington.

He won all the Democratic delegates yesterday here in Delaware.
I usually ignore the primaries because I'm registered Independent, and husband is Republican. But last night, we were glued to the TV watching all the returns. This year, the election is definitely interesting for both parties!

Joan said...

Oops - I have to correct my previous comment. Obama did NOT win ALL of the Delaware delegates. It is the Republican party that follows the 'winner takes all' rule. I am learning a lot about how the delegate process works, and it is hosed up.