Friday, February 01, 2008

I Got My "Medical Degree" From A Box Of Cracker Jacks...

As some of you know, I am a nurse by trade and I only play a doctor on the Internet...and, after today, I believe Cracker Jacks may be revoking my medical degree altogether!

I received an email from Saint EB a few days ago, which stated, "Why are you never around when I need you?!" I assumed she was experiencing some type of cardiac arrest, so I immediately picked up the phone and dialed.

It seems Saint EB's frantic, yet indirect cry for help, was regarding her *skin* (which, I guess for a diva, this issue IS almost as serious as a heart attack!)...EB was experiencing a severe drying of her outer coat of flesh and no amount of lotion was relieving the discomfort. In fact, it only seemed to be making matters worse...the lotion, that is.

We ARE experiencing a colder than usual winter here in Seattle, so it's only natural those with tender and "sensitive" skin might be scaling up like a Carp No...I've never used lotion in my life, which I am certain comes from absolutely clean living (for those of you who know me well, you will be severely punished for divulging what my "clean living" REALLY consists of...**belch** typed while choking on an Oreo).

I attempted my best psychiatric phone intervention to calm her nerves (which consisted of laughing out loud and exclaiming, "Oh, Gawd!"), and then reassured her I held the medical key of knowledge that would unlock the mysteries of a return to healthy, moist skin. "Eucerin", I exclaimed.

"Whaaaat?", EB replied back, as though I had belched on the word (see above...I WAS eating an Oreo). But I hadn't belched, so I repeated the brand name once again, slowly and deliberately, fearing her scaling flesh had also rendered her dumb and possibly deaf.

"Eucerin", I said with absolute certainty.

I explained to Saint EB that Eucerin (no, I am NOT being paid to "plug" this product's just dayumed good!) was a topical lotion containing *urea* and it would resolve her body dandruff in no time. I hopped gingerly up onto my medical soapbox podium and proceeded to provide her with a soliloquy about the product that would have made Hamlet proud...I explained how *urea* and any lotion with *urea* in it, made from the urine of animals, was the best product to use because it was the closest "match" to the human body and what the human (came from apes) body needed. I smugly rambled on about how scented lotions, particularly those containing *alcohols*, were B-A-D for human skin because they dry the skin OUT, not hold moisture in. I really should have charged her a consultation fee for this...LOL

A few days later, I once again talked with Saint EB...she was singing the praises of Eucerin, which she immediately went out to buy based on my in-depth medical knowledge. There was only one problem with my "knowledge", however...the Eucerin product SHE bought contained NO *urea*.

"WOOT?!", I exclaimed. "Well, it USED to", I went on to add, secretly knowing she might not recognize *urea* on the label...after all, she just manages an entire OFFICE of about 45 people. I, on the other hand, have an Internet Medical Degree from Cracker Jacks!

"Nope. No urea", she said this time with conviction. "But it's really working, so thank you for recommending it".

I couldn't WAIT to get off the phone with her to hit my medical library (AKA, the Internet and Wikipedia...where I do ALL of my highly trained medical research). I absolutely KNEW she must be wrong. I sit dejected...AND, trying to shove my medical degree back in the tiny box (wait! There's one last piece of caramel corn in there! Oh, sorry...I got excited and distracted finding a morsel of Cracker Jacks left in the box). I consulted the Eucerin Website and MOST of their products DO contain *alcohols*, although they say they are the "good" kind. AND..."some" of their products DO contain *urea*, but get this (and I quote directly from the website's FAQ page)..."Urea is a skin conditioner and humectant (meaning that it draws moisture into the skin). It occurs naturally in the skin, as part of skin's natural moisturizing factor. The urea in Eucerin products is synthetically produced from inorganic salts and does NOT come from any animals or humans."

Well, waddaya know? The dayumed crap works WITHOUT the pee of a Himalayan Yak! Who knew?!? **mumble, mumble under my breath**

**Footnote: No animals were harmed in the writing of this post**


Sara said...

when i lived in VT & worked at a vet clinic where we washed our hands 900+ times a day with surgery soap (HARSH stuff) we swore by some cream which I think was called utterly smooth - it came in a small round pot which looked like cow hide (ya know black & white all over) and was what VT cow farmers used when the utters would crack in the cold - of course you can't use anything harmful for ingestion since milk is coming outta those tits. do you know if you have any utterly smooth in WA or is it just a VT thing? I found it once in NY put in a pump version which was watered down, you really need the pot which you dig your fingers into in order to get the cream out - it was FANTASTIC & had no smell either - I do miss it!!!


Yep, I concur. Eucerin is great stuff. My grandmother was a fan as it was the only lotion her sensitive skin could tolerate.



I think we call that type of product "bag balm" where I come from...and, seeing how it is something most of "old bags" could use, it's probably STILL rightfully named! LOL




Yeah to your Gram! I think anytime someone finds SOMETHING that works for them, it should be listed in a book or's so rare these days to find relief in Western Medicine...even if it does or doesn't have Himalayan Yak PEE in it!!!


Michelle said...

I've heard of that Udderly Smooth as well, but never tried it. Here's the link Udderly Smooth
Something with Glycerin is usually good as well.
Trying not to sound brainless, but who exactly does Saint EB refer to?
Expand your mind ~ visit Brain Angles


I've seen a similar product under the name 'Udder Butter' which came in a tub.

Diane J Standiford said...

Aquaphor. My partner has used it for 25 years, she is 50, has not one wrinkle on her face. Package easily confused with Eucerin.
Lisa, you naughty girl,udder butter in a tub.

Merelyme said...

wow! i am most do you know all this stuff?

Blinders Off said...

Eucerin is very was recommended for my daughter to treat her sensitive skin.



LMAO! How DOES someone with MS NOT sound brainless?!? Since we ARE losing brain matter all the time...LOL

SAINT EB stands for my friend, EB, who has earned sainthood in my book, hence the name. She's always there to lend a helping hand whenever I need...and I CALL her EB, too (her initials), as does everyone else at work. Now that should be clear as mud, eh???




Huh, said "udder"...huh, huh...




Oddly, both products are made by the same company (Eucerin and Auqaphor), which may be why their packaging can be confusing...I only know this because I READ their dayumed website! Because I have no life and nothing better to do...sigh...




Hehe...I DON'T know "this stuff", which is what makes me dangerous! LOL



BLINDERS OFF:'s a product that's been around for quite a while...of course I'VE been around for quite a while, too...sigh...


Miss Chris said...

I also heard of some ear drops that contain urea...I look at it this way...whatever works, right?



Well, to some extend, I say "YES"...but if someone wants me to ingest dog poo because it will help my MS, I will draw the line there!


mdmhvonpa said...

As a Minnesota Son ... this is how we deal with dry skin:
1)soak it
2)apply Bagbaums



Exactly what we did for the milking cow's...ah...dare I "udder" that word here?!?



Shushhh! I think that Cheese just 'uttered' the word 'udder' in an 'utterly' provocative 'uddering.'
oh my...hehe