Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So Little To Say, It's Painfully Pathetic...

Not much to write about here in Gimpville...still home from work dealing with the aftermath of one hella hard hitting virus, which has turned into an MS opportunistic event. My days have been filled with reading some blogs/Internet follies, watching Judge Judy, doodling on drawing paper, and dragging myself around on a cane that I wish were a crutch. Oh, and "grief eating"...which is a nice way of saying I'm feeling sorry for myself so why not eat? LOL

My left leg remains numb (or feeling like it's asleep with that pins and needles affect) and uncooperative while my right leg has a nice nervish pain running from my hind end down to my knee...makes walking quite a sight really. My balance is consequently somewhat of a joke...I have been kissing my hallway walls one too many times as I fall into them. Thank Gawd for sturdy plaster drywall I guess. And now this evening, I'm noticing some tightness balling up in my left shoulder and neck...this could simply be due to the fact I am LEANING on my left arm too much with my cane...or (and probably my luck), this could be my left arm feeling "left" (argh, argh) out and trying to horn in on the action! What fascinates me the most about the sensation (because there is little else to occupy my time/thinking) is the "creepy/crawly" feeling in my left shoulder, as if worms are weaving around on my skin...most bizarre, unless one is a cocaine addict I suppose (cocaine bugs? You've heard of cocaine bugs, haven't you? I digress back to work-related issues...).

One of my dear heart friends stopped by today with a few bags of groceries, which was very welcomed...I was getting down to my last box of rice and final can of beans. The ice cubes in my freezer were beginning to look like something gourmet. Then, Saint EB swung by the hut this evening, bringing me a dose of my favorite salad from the pizza joint...I'm sure I underwhelmed her with conversation. She's been my only real visitor in a week. And, after Saint EB left, another sweet friend from work called me and let me ramble incessantly about my health (or lack of it) for 20 minutes...I'm quite certain I sounded painfully pathetic.

Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named has exchanged a few "choice" emails with steroids because of the virus and next to nil functioning immune system. Steroids might serve to only MASK infectious symptoms (should they develop) at this point. She keeps asking me if there is "anything I can do?" I've thought of SEVERAL things she could do, but most of them are illegal or clearly out of the scope of her cleaning my house. LOL

I have heard nothing from the insurance company or auto repair shop that is allegedly fixing my car. I DID receive word (this weekend, I think?) that they were NOT totaling my dear buggy and I imagine no news is good news at this point. I have a perfectly good rental car sitting in my driveway racking up expense and dirt...I've been too ill to motor anywhere as I think it might be a bit dangerous to operate the accelerator with the TIP OF A CANE!

I can't WAIT to go to bed and wake up tomorrow morning to do this all over again...sigh...I'd clap my hands together like an excited kid on Christmas morning, but I'm afraid the activity will only aggravate my shoulder more...


Diane J Standiford said...

I like your magic ball. It told me to "ride it like you stole it." I'm not sure what that means...I think it as meant for you and your rental car. I bet POD likes having you home. Nice to have friends who deliver pizza. Well, um, enjoy the..Seattle weather? and get well um, soon? (Little afraid if you do, you'll hop in the car and get attacked by a rabid deer, um, you must not be the year of the rat person.)

pb said...

"tip of a cane"

I lost my license for a few weeks for doing that. My husband had to come to the neuro's office to collect me.


Word to the wise: don't.

thepowerguides said...

sorry you are going through the wringer , the only thing I can say is it has to get better some time hope it's sooner rather than later for you



Hi Linda, I've got something for you to post about. You can announce the Carnival of MS Bloggers which is now available.


Anne said...

Hello Ms Cheese: This is the lousiest time - the time between the accident and hearing from the insurance company what they will pay for and waiting for "health" to return to status quo.

Keep blogging, it's gotta help!




I saw that saying spray painted on an overpass in Spanaway...which is fitting...most things IN Spanaway, WA, have been stolen to ride!

No, I think I was born in the year of the gnat...something is always swatting at my annoying behaviors...




From the words of experience, point taken. **Note to self -- no driving with the cane as a third leg**




why thank you...I think it IS my turn now to feel better and we ALL need to learn to take turns. MINE!!! I TOUCHED IT LAST!!!!




EVERY blog I have read today made mention of the Carnival of Bloggers!!! You are vewy, vewy popular, my dear and for good reason.

SO...get off your arses peeps and check out the CARNIVAL OF BLOGGERS...just hit the link in Lisa's comment above (Brain Cheese 110 MS Blogs even has an honorable mention). Seriously...get off this site and go check it out...NOW!




Blogging does a completely self-serving, narcissistic way. MY way...LOL