Sunday, May 21, 2006

Poetry Break...

My Choice

Inside me,
Freedom waits patiently
Upon the doorstep of struggle,
Knocking softly and calling my name.
I can scarcely hear
Its drumming rap
On the door of my soul.
Drowned out by
All the noise inside
Of deadlines and plans,
Of fear of the unknown,
Of day to day demands,
Freedom’s persistent whisper
Becomes obscure.

But still, it waits,
It calls for me
To simply open the door.
To step outside
Of all that is known,
Of struggle I have worn,
Like a poorly fitted cloak
Wrapped tightly around me
For false protection.

Freedom waits for me
Upon my doorstep,
Unjudging, unimpeded,
With outstretched arms.
Freedom welcomes me
To shed my skin of discord
And step across the threshold,
Liberating my soul
Into a world of
Unrestrained Joy.

Forgive my lack
Of attention to you.
I must answer my door
And go outside.
I have dismissed
Freedom’s knock
Long enough.

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