Sunday, May 14, 2006

IV Steroids...How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways...

The sun seems brighter, the flowers are brilliant, and I awoke this morning with NO pain! Ah...the wonders of IV steroids!

Except for an awful taste in my mouth, not sleeping all night due to insomnia, a bit of fatigue in my left leg and arm, headache, and of course AGITATION, I must say I feel GREAT! Even if it only lasts for today, I am so thankful to have a moment of reprieve from the MS pain I have had for over two months. It is odd to me now how I have been able to simply adapt to it...having the pain gone for the day, I am having difficulty understanding HOW I adapted to it! I almost feel "normal", whatever that is.

It is amazing how we MSers DO adapt to the constant changes and disabilities life throws us because of our disease. Until today, I had forgotten the many processes I encountered the past two months LEARNING to live with the constant pain. I changed how I walked, how I sat and for how long, my handwriting, carrying objects with weight, and learned to use (and over use...remember the Tennis Elbow debacle!) my right hand and arm. I did this because I HAD to in an effort to continue status quo. We ALL adapt to these bodily changes...or we stop functioning.

Just for today, I am enjoying a pain free moment and it feels soooo wonderful! I can relax my tense facial muscles and my body as a whole and hopefully be less irritable and kinder this Mother's Day. I may even sit outside and enjoy the spring flowers...thank you, thank you to the inventor of IV Solumedrol!

Happy Mother's Day dear friends...

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