Sunday, April 23, 2006

Taking A Blog Break...

If you read yesterday's blog entitled, "What Was I Thinking?", you already know I foolishly over did it in MS terms! Today, I am recovering from my yard escapades, so sitting with the computer is a bit taxing.

I want to share with you a poem I wrote a few summer's ago while sitting on the bank of a beautiful was written the summer after I was diagnosed with MS, during a period of questioning why and how life was going to be in my near future.


It is dawn
On the McKenzie River

As I watch the sun

Gracefully feather its light

Amidst the treetops.

The ancient sound

Of the river's flow

Awakens inside me

As I sit still

In silent awe

On its shore.

If I listen quietly,

I can hear

The river's story

Of wildness

And freedom

As it rushes from its Source

On chartered path

To the ocean.

Where each drop

Will find its way

Back into the clouds

And return on the wind

To form a new river

Of life again.

I am one with this

Wildly, vivacious flow.

I am the River,

The Source,

The Ocean.

My course is set

And my sound

Of ancient wisdom

Cannot be silenced.

I will roar,

And echo,

And dance carefree

Along my path

Of transformation.

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