Friday, April 28, 2006

Glowing With Gadolinium...

Tomorrow I go in very early in the morning for my 100th MRI...OK, that's an exageration. I really haven't had 99 MRIs, but I am nearing 15 in this lifetime! And that's just since 1998.

The Rituxan Study I participate in does a MRI every month as follow up to the two infusions I received in November 2005. I have one MRI every month for a year. But because of my recent relapse, my study neurologist has recommended I have another MRI so my CURRENT neurologist can "have a peek" seems the Rituxan people can't share their information outside of their own circle because the study is a double blinded study. Even my neurologist I see regularly can't access the study's data, which seems a bit odd.

Soooo...this week, I will be getting TWO MRIs at TWO different facilities so TWO separate neurologists can have TWO separate "peeks" into the TWO hemispheres of my brain. Sounds way TOO compilcated TO me!

My only nervousness about the whole ordeal is a fear I may have a slight glow from the gadolinium...

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