Sunday, April 30, 2006

More Prozac Please!...

I need to see my psychiatrist because I am convinced tiny, little elves are entering my home when I am gone to work or perhaps when I am sleeping. These are not the "nice" elves or cute garden gnomes either. No, these are the little nasty elves who are obviously sneaking into my home and leaving clutter and mayhem wherever they go!

I am certain my theory is correct because I have no recollection of creating the clutter myself. I got up this morning completely "grogged out" from my nightime medications and entered my kitchen to find a stack of precariously towering dishes waiting to be washed and put back in their proper place. I do not remember using these dishes let alone piling them on the countertop. And I certainly have no recall of leaving magazines and papers in my living room...this is just NOT something an OCD person would do! And who has been wearing my clothes and stuffing them in the laundry hamper without running a load of wash? And what about the the carpets that are desperately needing to be vacuumed?!?

Now, I have taken into account I am the only one who lives in my home and also the only one who has a key. I'm not exactly sure how these little devils are getting in, but I'm working on that theory. It is just completely unlike ME to create such a mess without immediately cleaning or tidying the place up, so it has to be "someone" else's fault.

Oh sure, one could say my return to work has been a bit taxing and stressful and perhaps I have allowed myself to "overlook" some of these household duties. And one could say given the level of exhaustion I am experiencing when I finally DO return home, I might be simply "ignoring" some of these tasks in an effort to recoup some of my drained energies. And one could also make the case that I have too many other things of concern to focus on right now besides keeping up with housework...what with so many daily medical appointments, etc.? And one could even say I simply don't care much anymore if these tasks get done because there are so many other "bigger" mountains to climb right now in my life.

One could say a lot of things...I'm going with the sneaky elf theory, however.

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