Monday, April 20, 2009

I Love You, Man!...

And I would seriously consider having your children, even knowing the offspring would most likely be mentally "challenged", given my high-quality genetic composition!

Yes, I'm talking about YOU, Edwin Ruud...the god and inventor of the conventional HOT WATER HEATER. I know you are dead/passed on/pushing daisies/sucking dirt, but I think your "do" is long over "due".

I was thinking of you today, Edwin, while I was soaking in my long awaited hot bath after a weekend of dirt and sweat in the yard...I was thinking of you with GREAT fondness as the steam was rising from my very warm, sore muscle-soaking spa (otherwise known as my tub)...and I just wanted to say, "thank you".

Thank you for bringing me one of the finest inventions on earth (well, next to fire that is...but we humans really didn't INVENT fire...we just figured out how to use it to grill steaks, that's all!)...HOT WATER. Wonderful, relaxing, piped to perfection, warm and soothing, HOT WATER. Seriously...all I have to do is walk in my home, strip off my dirt/sweat infested clothing, prance to my bathroom (more like drag my aching and decrepit body toward), turn a magical knob, and POOF! I have an instant spa-like, hot springs, wonderfully large basin of water in which to soak my weary bones (and clean my stinky body).

Edwin Ruud, you rock, dude...(And here's a bit of 411 about my man:

In the 1870s, Englishmen, Maughan invented the first instant water heater. Little is known about Maughan's invention, however, his invention influenced the designs of Edwin Ruud.

Edwin Ruud, a Norwegian mechanical engineer was the inventor of the automatic storage water heater in 1889. Ruud emigrated to Pittsburgh where he pioneered the early development of both residential and commercial water heaters. He founded the Ruud Manufacturing Company. )

But, now that I'm clean, relaxed, high on muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, I probably should reconsider my offer to birth your children...seeing as how YOU are dead and everything! (But me on the Ouija Board any time and let's talk)...


Webster said...

So, is the yard all clean, and the garden prepped for seedlings once it warms up? Flowers or veggies ... or both?

Did Calgon take you away? Have you ever used bath fizzies? Do you stay in until your hands are wrinkled?

Forget Edwin, you can do better than him. I'm certain of it.

Jen said...

This is sorta funny: I read this post in Google Reader and mistakenly took it for Blindbeard's entry. Too early and didn't comprehend the differences in names, and also remembered that BB was in a state of moving and MIGHT be out back wrangling weeds in her new yard...So I came to comment (or yammer because I love to do that) and it was YOU. Hehe...

What I wanted to say was that the "Ruud" dude sounded so familiar and then I recalled why: his name is on the outside central air conditioning unit at my parents' house. Further history shows that his original company--- Ruud Manufacturing--- merged with the Rheem Manufacturing Company--- and together they entered the air conditioning market (late '60's and early '70's.)

OMG. Why do I find all of this so fascinating?...

Miss Chris said...

Definitely one of the best inventions ever!

Herrad said...


Thanks for this post about Edwin Ruud, sounds like a Dutch name.

Have a good afternoon and evening.


Herrad said...


Three cheers for Edwin Ruud.



pb said...

We have a Ruud AC system too, and it is a godsend.

Hot water in the cold weather and cooled air in the hot.

Are we spoiled or what?

Denver Refashionista said...

I love me a good soak and those anti-inflammatories have been kind lately as well.

Have Myelin? said...

On May 1st, 2009 at approximately 9 pm I will hop into a luxury tub of my very own....mine, mine, mine, mine! And I cannot wait.

Thank you Rudd. You are so loved.

Shauna said...

Tubs, air conditioning and indoor plumbing are the greatest inventions in the history of the world. But especially indoor plumbing. I don't camp for the very reason that they have outdoor plumbing. I love nature but not to the point that I want expose my cheeks to it.