Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Too Lazy To Change It...

Yeah, whatever...that entire vertical side bar over there is one big, fat lie and I'm just too lazy to change it! That's right...I'm now 44, not 43. And I'm going in for my 4th TYSABRI infusion tomorrow, which is a far cry away from my first. The brain pictures are still of my crappy MS noggin, but I'm sure even THAT has changed, too, since I first posted them up there.

What hasn't changed this week is my summer cold, which still seems stoopid to use both of those words in a single description: summer cold. I continue to blow what appears to be infected sinus crud from my aching head, but refuse to consult the medical profession for a remedy. I DID email Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named with a "hypothetical" question about Tysabri infusions and colds...just to be on the safe side...because I didn't want to get there tomorrow and once again be turned away because I wasn't the *perfect* infusion specimen. It seems no one really cares even if my head were on fire before my infusion...just as long as the flames don't cause any kind of neurological symptoms! Works for me.

I finally have cleared the gazillion GoogleReader feeds from all y'alls prolific posts this past week-ish or so. I DID try to leave what I deemed "witty" comments on your blogs, but I'm afraid I may have blown out some brain cells from my nostrils this week, leaving me with humorous comments that are only funny to me!

Even my cat has grown sick of me hacking up lung and leaving microbe-infested snot rags laying around...she's taken to jumping vertically up in the air every time I clear my bronchioles and batting my Kleenex box just out of my reach like a hockey puck. I'd blow my nose on HER, but I'm afraid her hair might stick to my snot and form a Hitler-esque mustache on my upper lip...so NOT a cool summer look...but I imagine it would one up the look I've already got going: Kleenex jammed into my nostril and flapping freely in the breeze to permanently "wick" my mucous away. Hmmm...too much information??? LOL

I'm so tired right now, I'm even too lazy to change my mind about posting this absurd blog post... :-)


Shauna said...

Funny you should mention losing brain cells from your nostrils. Apparently some adult stem cells are found in your sinus cavities....at least I think that's what I read the other day.

Hope you soon lose the snot factory status. I'm dealing with heat rashes and pouring medicated body powder in various crevices....


Sara said...

glad you posted the absurd post, gave me some good giggles for a rather boring tuesday here in london :) cheers my dear!

Bubbie said...

Having a cold is just not fun, but hearing you speak of snot is hilarious. Feel better soon. Personally I have a conspiracy theory about those Kleenex. opt for TP and see if you get better LOL


Sidebar?! What sidebar?

Oh THAT sidebar. Well I never heard you swear under oath that it would be kept up-to-date on a daily basis. So it's okay putty-tat.

Bubbie, interesting theory.

Shauna, A+D Ointment. Works for me on those various crevices suffering from heat and friction.

Linda, have you tried nasal irrigation? I hear if you stick a water hose up that nose and turn it on full blast that you can wash all the snot away. Or for a more gentle approach, a Neti pot works too.

have myelin said...

Glad you posted. Glad I commented. Now we're even.