Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time Flying By...

Here it is Sunday evening already and I am on the verge of starting yet another busy work week. Time seems to have FLOWN by this past week!

I am nearly recovered from the family tour of duty, but got a phone call from a dear, old friend from Houston, TX (the old BrainCheese stompin' grounds), this week informing me she was HERE...not Houston...but in Seattle at a Transit Conference. Talk about NO warning! But then again, just as old friends do, we were able to pick right back up where we left off the last time she visited...although the lack of notice DID require me to quickly PICK UP my house and complete the cleaning process required to scrub out the remains of the family visit.

I spent most of Friday remembering old times with her, laughing until my stomach hurt, and catching up on the details of my friend's life. We had a spot of tea a bit too late in the evening, which I believe was the culprit to my extreme insomnia until 4:00AM Saturday morning!

After finally falling asleep, I was awakened all too early by the vibration of my cell phone Saturday mid drooling sleep was my neighbor calling to "consult". Apparently she was having a medical crisis (not sure why she would ever trust MY medical judgment, given my history, but...LOL), so I went to investigate. Low and behold, I discovered my neighbor looking like something from a bad cartoon! She was turning several shades of "hot red" and had developed a rash all over her body...and she was mumbling about a particular medication she takes causing a horrible side effect. After a quick and dirty assessment, learning she was now experiencing a "thick tongue", I decided she was having some sort of allergic/medication reaction, so I popped some Benadryl in her gullet, and drove her to the ER. Who knew that NIACIN found in a vitamin B-complex could cause such a dramatic reaction?!? (This was the final diagnosis by a trained emergency room physician...not me!)

Medical crisis resolved, I sprang into high gear to prepare for a party at another friend's house...this required a touch of shopping, a shower (yes, they let me in the ER with my bedhead and all to accompany the neighbor!), gathering a few friends for the convoy, and a short drive across the lake (via bridge, silly!). I spent a wonderful evening late into the early morning with another group of friends.

And then there was today...let's just say I am a bit "friended" out at the moment, having spent another entire day with ANOTHER set of friends! I finally arrived home this evening to a cranky cat, who believes I have abandoned her, which will require me to humbly submit to her every need at the moment. Holding her atop my shoulder while trying to type is a balancing feat I have almost mastered. I am oddly looking FORWARD to returning to work at the moment...

Now, I must travel to my bed and try to sleep, so that I can rise up early tomorrow morning and work a day shift doing some training with a new employee...the start of yet one more grueling work week of day shifts, meetings, and appointments. UGH! In the meantime, my gifted laptop has suddenly decided not to recharge itself, so I may have to run it to the APPLE store for a look under the hood. Without the laptop in my bed, I am no longer able to lie down comfortably and post blog entries OR read my favorite blogs...sigh. Life is hard at my house. LOL

On a final note (yes, thank goodness I am almost through here!), I received a lovely email from a fellow MS blogger alerting me to her blog here . Just click on the "here" (not there), and you will be redirected to a wonderful and fellow Washingtonian blogger. I have also added her to the link at the side bar for future reference under "J" for Jo Franz.

Move along now people...there's nothing more to see here...


Sara said...

thank goodness you were there with benadryl and a car!!

Anne said...

Hi Linda:

I have visited Jo's blog and referred her to yours because of the multitude of MS links you have available. (Unlike myself, who only has the patience to put about 10-15 links on my own blog).

Jo is a wonderful and gifted speaker, blogs often, is of spiritual mindset and alas, has MS too.

Thank you for adding her to your list and for promoting her blog in your post.


Denver Refashionista said...

You've been busy. I cn relate to the friend overload. That happens to me after a few activities in a row.