Sunday, July 13, 2008

Things I Learned From My Family Visit...

1. A spotlessly clean house can be trashed in a matter of minutes.

2. A spotlessly clean house doesn't seem to matter that much to relatives.

3. 11-year old boys are fascinated by farting.

4. 11-year old boys fart ALOT!

5. There is nothing grander than seeing the eyes of a child when THEY see an ocean for the first time in their lives.

6. Sand dollars are fickle.
7. Cold pizza for breakfast is an acquired taste.

8. CoCo Puffs and Fruit Loops are found in the cereal isle (who knew?!?).

9. Even after carefully wiping off and inspecting an 11-year old boy at the beach, they can STILL carry large dunes of sand in their underwear.

10. Friends who selflessly loan out their station wagons so a family of five can ride comfortably around the state are truly a gift.

11. Sisters make up stories about you in their old age...and tell them to their kids!

12. Cats trapped indoors with 11-year old boys are like mixing oil and water.

13. Cats trapped indoors with 11-year old boys WILL defend themselves.

14. 15-year old girls are full of such excitement about the world.

15. Hotel pools are filled with germs.

16. Hotel pools are filled with germs because children under the age of 18 spit in them (eeewww!).

17. 6:00 o'clock should NOT happen more than once a day and preferably only in the "P.M.".

18. Airplanes really DO take off at 5:30 in the morning.

19. Steaks grilled by someone ELSE'S labor always taste better than your own.

20. The Seattle Space Needle sways considerably in the wind.

21. The Seattle Space Needle's sway can cause vertigo.

22. Picnic lunch in the snow on Mt. Rainier is truly a thing one MUST experience.
23. 15-year old girls love to make "stuff".

24. 15-year old girls think their aunt is the "bomb" if the aunt keeps lots of "stuff" on hand to make.

25. Did I mention 11-year old boys love to fart and can do so on command?!?
26. Having your picture taken in front of Starbucks Headquarters while DRINKING a Starbucks coffee is "way cool" to a 15-year old girl.

27. The Experience The Music Project building built by Paul Allen is STILL an eyesore in Seattle.

28. The best cultural/social experiences for a Midwesterner are found on the #3 bus.

29. My "people" on the #3 bus frighten relatively "normal" people from out of town.

30. $220.00 dollars worth of groceries will feed a family of 5 for about 1 1/2 days...especially with an 11-year old boy who has a bottomless pit for a stomach!

31. It's a sign of "friendship" to wear an identical macrame bracelet as your niece.

32. It is wonderful to spoil nieces and nephews...and then, send them home with their parents!

33. My home is a quiet and peaceful place...again.


Tricia said...

Great post! My nephews are 5 and 7 months - they exhaust me in a matter of hours but I adore having htem around.

Great pictures too! :)


Home Sweet Home - Peace and Quiet

Ah relief. Welcome back.

Bubbie said...

It sounds to me like you and your family had a great time and made some wonderful memories.
PS: I should have warned you about young boys and grocery bills.

Denver Refashionista said...

I like #12 the best.

Shauna said...

Next time, just put away the breakables and nevermind with the cleaning.....glad it was a good visit.

Sara said...

sounds like an all around great visit!

Miss Chris said...

Boys are fart machines, cold pizza is awesome for breakfast, and hotel pools are disgusting. Isn't family great?