Tuesday, July 21, 2009

As The World Turns...

I WISH I were merely referencing that CBS daytime soap opera...but alas...I am not. I'm talking about MY world as it appeared to me this morning upon waking. I became consciously aware of a sense of dread in my body when I rolled over benignly to check the clock this a.m. and was suddenly overcome by waves of dizziness and nausea.

Yes, it appears my "whatever" has returned. That dizziness/vertigo-ish feeling I experienced in February, causing me to fall and conk my noggin (you'll have to search previous February posts if you're that enthralled in my life's drama's...too funky feeling to do it myself at the moment).

The jury remains in deliberation whether this sensation is in direct correlation to my cerebellum lesion OR if this is some weird situation in my inner ear (can you say vestibular neuritis or Benign Paroxysmal Postural Vertigo, aka, Inner Ear eff up, children?)...either cause or case, it sucks to be me big time right now. And the treatment is essentially the same...WAIT AND SEE.

I did start doing the ol' Epley Maneuvers this evening (exercises to move the possible calcium crystals in my inner ear around...if that is the cause...BPPV), which TRIGGERS the dayumed dizziness something fierce. But, if that is the problem, these exercises are the only REAL treatment for BPPV. And, if inner ear disorder ISN'T the cause, well...let's just say I'm putting myself through some highly unnecessary HELL in the meantime! Figured it is worth trying/ruling out before I go running to Dr. SWWNBN or my Always Really Nice Practitioner (ARNP) and screaming "uncle!"...or, more like it, "screw this freakin' MS!"

The worst part of this dizziness/vertigo-esk situation occurring right now is, it is interfering with my exercise plan...it is difficult to walk too far without veering to the left constantly. Makes the neighbors eyebrows raise if I am falling into their rose bushes. LOL AND, Seattle is expected to reach temperatures in the upper 80's and low 90's this week...never good weather to have a constant sensation of wanting to hurl one's cookies due to dizziness. Of course, when IS good weather for nausea?!?

The other sad part of having this dizziness is, I'm too unfocused to even WATCH the CBS soap opera that the title of this blog is named after...it even takes all the fun out of lying about, eating bonbons all day, and watching bad daytime TV drama (which are NOT on my current intake plan - bonbons - said for anyone else curious about the "Metabolism Miracle" diet!!!)...


TickledPink said...

Sorry to hear about your slant to the left. Are you a liberal by any chance? ROFL just pulling your cord. ((hugs))

Dizziness has to be right up there as one of my all time least favorite symptoms. Second only to bowel dysfunction at inopportune moments. Nuff said.

I have a constant slight dizziness that causes me to not be able to turn around quickly or stand up and immediately get under weigh.

It's hard to tell if mine is MS or not tho. Probably the people at Novartis know but nobody's telling me. I haven't had an MRI that I knew the results of for several years.

To top that off, I have a family history of low blood pressure on my mom's side (I inherited that) as well as "sick headaches" that my great aunt always complained of (she had to go lay down in the dark and now so do I when I get the migraines she was probably speaking of). Who knows? Maybe there's family history of MS but nobody else was ever diagnosed.

And what's this about 80's and 90's not being the best weather to exercise in?? I WISH we had those cool temps around here (FL)

Hope you feel better soon!

Have Myelin? said...

I still say ironing your sheets is your biggest problem, Du.

Spaz Attack said...

As I've said before...sure we have some good days, but basically MS Sucks & then we die.

Hey BC. You still have that link to person that made the braincheese mugs for ya?

Anonymous said...

Hi- I found your site by way of everydayhealth.com. I was diagnosed in 2000 & have been through Avonex, Betaseron, Copaxone, Rebif & Tysabri, & my results were similar to yours & those have all been discontinued. The only thing I take for my MS now is Low-Dose Naltrexone capsules that are made by my local compounding pharmacist. They don't claim to know how (or if) it works, but the pharmacist says he has several patients picking it up that have been on it, attack-free for 7-15 years. I have been on it (& attack-free) since 1/2008. Being a veterinary technician, I am familiar with the drug, which I had used commonly in Vet School as a reversal agent for a pre-anesthetic drug which paralyzes the muscles, allowing for intubation & beginning respiration in surgery patients. Is it working? Who the h**l knows. But it is inexpensive (I pay about $28/mo) & doesn't cause any other pesky side effects (like PML or death), so I'll keep taking it. Good luck with your continued lack of exacerbations! And good luck with the crystals & the dizziness. -Kathleen

Raini said...

The dreaded vertigo! I'm so sorry, that really stinks. I'll cross my fingers that it's the inner ear...XX

I'm with TickledPink on the order of least favorite symptoms. I used to work part-time at Crate and Barrel and the dizziness forced me off the floor and into the office. That's no fun!

Feel better soon :)

Blindbeard said...

I didn't think of the soap opera when I saw this title. I started singing, "and if there's one thing that she don't need its another hungry mouth to feed, in the ghettoooooo." Gonna have that song in my head for days now. Good thing I loves me some Elvis!