Saturday, July 18, 2009

All Right, Already!...

Geez and for gawd's'd think there were actually people READING this blog based on the emails and comments I've received lately, mostly wondering WHY I've not posted anything for over a week! And no, the picture up there is NOT a sign...I have NOT joined a convent (otherwise known as a "nunnery" to me...hehe) in my absence. I just put the *sista* up there for protection...mine or yours...who knows?

So, where HAVE I been? Let's see...

This past week, I've been on my 6 day furlough from work and thoroughly enjoying and squeezing every last ounce of time and energy out of it. I started my "Metabolism Miracle" intake plan and I am pleased to report, I have neither cheated nor caved on the program. AND, I've lost a whopping 9 pounds to boot. I know, I know...for some of you, that's just chump change. But when you've juiced up with steroids for Multiple Sclerosis as much as I have in the past few years (gaining weight with each, treacherous infusion), nine pounds feels like I've just birthed a small infant! Well, in actuality, that would be a rather LARGE infant to squirt out, but you know what I mean. LOL It's not been all that *arm-chewing* difficult either, which is most surprising and completely welcomed. I have to eat 5 grams of carbohydrates (yes, HAVE to) every 5 hours, supplemented with high protein foods. This is the first intake plan I have ever tried that FORCES me to eat a minimum of every 5 hours...what's not to like about THAT?!?

And along with my dietary changes (no, SPAZ ATTACK, I have not had ANY Mt. Dew for now almost 3 weeks...funeral services were held where I cremated the remains of my last cans), I have also begun a somewhat vigorous exercise program. I use the word *vigorous* because ANY exercise beyond walking from the refrigerator to the couch seemed strenuous to begin with. I am now up to walking 2.6 miles a day, taking a day off here or there to rest my bones. Since last Tuesday, I have now trekked 23 miles...I KNOW?!? Who knew a fat a$$ like myself could go that far??? AND, the route I have been taking includes hills...mother of god, what the heck is happening to me???

I have also been maintaining my moratorium on *gossip*...tis so freeing. I have no idea what is going on in my work place or with the people I work with. And, the great news is...I DON'T CARE. This seems to have also supported my mood elevation...when I have no idea WHAT the trials and tribulations are among my colleagues, I'm free to maintain my "no gossip" work zone...which does seem to free up a tremendous amount of energy (previously wasted on beauching!).

Now here's the real kick in the shorts...I have finally moved into this century and upgraded my cell phone service to one of the devil's iPhone. Yes...sigh...this coming from a person who SWORE 12 years ago she would NEVER, EVER, NOT-ON-YOUR-LIFE even own a computer!! A great deal of my time has been spent trying to just figure out how to turn the derned thing on let alone *text* people (is the word "text" really a verb?)...I am amazed by this technology. And to think I can still remember when VCR's first came out (probably while I was listening to my 8-track tapes at the time...ehem). If I could just figure out how to get this silly phone to do my dishes and vacuum my carpets, I'd be singing Apple's praises...until they get these phones to do chores, I'm holding off on the praise portion. :-)

Yesterday, the temps reached 90 degrees. I'll just leave it at that, lest I receive even MORE emails inquiring if I have EVER purchased a portable air conditioner (Harkoo...I bet you have some thoughts on this!). Walking my route produced enough sweat to water a small garden...but, I DID it anyway. Oh, and it was NOT fun. :-(

There have been a few funny tales/encounters along the way, but I'll be dayumed if I can recall what they were/are. All this exercise and healthy eating has dulled my usual sarcastic self. No's not GONE completely. I'm sure I'll be back to my old, cranky nasty ways soon...once I get past this 45th birthday approaching next week.

Ah yes, the CHEESE continues to age...kind of in a stinky-bleu-cheese sort of way unfortunately...


Bubbie said...

That picture! I think I knew her from the Queen of Martyrs. (bad flashback)

Glad to hear you are doing so well. I may need you to share some details on this metabolism diet that lets you actually eat.

Funny you mentioned the IPhone. I was going to do a FB post asking opinions on which to upgrade to...CrackBerry or Iphone. If you don't end up throwing yours through an open window, I'll take it as a thumbs up.

Have Myelin? said...

Good for you. Maybe you will motivate me to go to the gym after all. HA!

No AC? And you iron your sheets? You never cease to amaze me.

I love blue cheese by the way. :-)

PedestsrianCrossing-Colleen said...

You have me beat. I try to walk at least a mile a day (the ol left leg drops after that) BUT in Houston it's been high 90's to 3 digits. I'm hibernating. And the last electric bill was $500. OMG.

Denver Refashionista said...

Uh oh, both you and Blindbeard are excercising and in high spirits, what will become of you (LOL)? Congrats on the weight loss.

Raini said...

Way to go, Cheese! You may have inspired me to start exercising more...maybe. I try walking 2 miles every couple of days, but I have been very lax of late. Been busy thinking up excuses not to :-)

Don't lost the 'tude, though, that would be tragic!

Spaz Attack said...

I ABSOLUTLY SHOCKED YOU GAVE UP THE DEW! Ah yes, and so proud, too! Keep it up! You are smelling mighty ripe these days could you pleeze shower a bit more often?
I've switched from my usual Dew infusion to "sun" tea (or tea made outdoors under the sun). Finding it refreshing even without sugar.
I've actually been swimming laps and lifting weighs (summer sun can be inspiring, yes?) However, I so bummed I keep gaining weight!!! Haven't taken steriods lately so I'm blaming it on muscle relaxers and hydrocodone. Plus when standing or walking my legs are so weak I'm actually envious of those riding scooters -- what a shock! However, I am back to horse riding. Go figure. Can't walk but can ride??! a Massage on my legs is now torture because me lower leg muscles are so frickin tight.
Will somebody just shoot me -- PLEEZE!?
Oh yeah..since this blog truly isn't about ME but d Big Cheese Glad to hear your enlighting or (from d sista) lighting rod news. Keep it up Babe!

harkoo said...

Stop your inquiries readers of Braincheese....she will never, ever get an air conditioner! Accept it with the ironing of the sheets and move on.
She thinks 45 is old! Isn't that a hoot!

Blindbeard said...

"Get thee to a nunnery!" And I love blue cheese. Still waiting for the update about all that sheet ironing... do you still do it? Did you give it up? Why did you start? I think we are all waiting with bated breath to hear more about that one. "All these questions and more on the next episode of 'When Good Braincheese's Iron Their Sheets'" (Maybe I do need to quit exercising; all these endorphins are making me less cranky!)