Friday, March 31, 2006

Trying To Productively Occupy My Time...

What a reason to start a journal/blog...pure and utter boredom!
Actually I am sitting in my home right now "recovering" from my most recent relapse of MS...that's Multiple Sclerosis to those of you not up on your acronyms. Yes, yet another journal/blog about dealing with a debilitating disease has hit the ethernet. I got the idea from reading other sites of trials, tribulations, and rants about Multiple Sclerosis and I decided, "Hey, why not write my own? Surely I must have something to say equally as enlightening or at the very least entertaining about the wonders of MS!" So brace yourself, dear Internet, because here I go!
I decided to start this entry today by placing a picture of myself on the journal page...and yes, you are correct. That is a cat's hind end with a clown painted on it because that's just the kind of mood I'm in and frankly, it's really a fairly accurate artist's rendition of me. My current relapse of symptoms has caused me to feel like I'm on the rear end of a moving beast, out of control of my direction, yet oddly entertained by the notion of finding humor in such circumstances. It is my hope in starting this online journal, I may be able to discuss all of these issues in an open and honest manner.
Since my "official" diagnosis of Relapsing/Remitting MS (which will be referenced hence forth via another catchy acronym RRMS) on tax day, April 2003, I have spent the past 3 years trying to fill the holes in my brain with knowledge and insight to better assist me in functioning with my diagnosis. For those of you newbies who aren't familiar with the disease process of MS (and I won't go into dissertation on it now, but believe me I certainly feel bloated from digesting every study, manual, and book out there on the subject), suffice it to say in simple lay man's terms, MS makes holes in your brain and spinal cord. Thus, the title of my journal, "Brain Cheese".
So, if you are a "cheese head" yourself or just searching for some information about MS, I hope this journal might be helpful to you. But since my world really does revolve around me, I more importantly hope this journal will be helpful to moi. I will close this entry for now because my fatigue is making it difficult to sit for long periods of time, but I will return soon with more exciting news from the world of MS.

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