Saturday, June 30, 2012

If you received an email from me this morning around 7:40AM PacTime, it is spam.  My email was hijacked.  Do not open it!!!

Thought I should put up a quick warning here as some of you email me with questions, comments, concerns at various times. 

I suppose this is no different than having your package stolen off your front porch after delivery by the US Postal Service...both types of crime/fraud REALLY P!$$ me off though.



Webster said...

If I got an E-mail from you at all, I would be shocked. I do have a pretty good spam-blocker on my 'puter, though, so I'm not worried. It's usually the links inside the e-mail that you have to worry about. (My cousin sends me a lot of those that I never open... alas.)

Anonymous said...

i don't if you'll see this, i hope so. i'm just hoping that your lack of posts here doesn't indicate anything more than lack of enthusiasm - which i totally understand, i suffer the same thing. but i hope you are still among us!