Sunday, August 23, 2009

Y'all Make Me LOL Til I'm ROFLMAO...

Recent emails and wall-to-wall comments on FaceButt (Facebook, for those not into *social circles* on the Net) have FORCED me to finally pick up my laptop (which has collected dust on my bedside stand from lack of use) and pound out a tidbit post on CHEESE...y'all have made me grab myself with laughter this past week (clarifying = I am grabbing myself in APPROPRIATE places, such as the belly) with your witty inquiries into my whereabouts...emails have either ranged between wishing I were dead or checking to see if I still am maintaining a pulse. Alas...for those of you praying to the gods of mortality I might have succumbed to an untimely death, I must report I am STILL ALIVE!!! Jen even tried contacting me on a Ouija board...desperate times call for (pun intended) desperate measures I suppose. LOL
I've been busy enjoying my life. **THUD**

I know. That is a highly profound statement. But pick your chin (or body) up off the floor and shake off the shock...I'm very much alive and I am well.

Many of you tried in vain for nearly 3 years to get me to SHUT MY PIE HOLE on this blog...and now that I've stepped away for a few weeks (OK, more like six), I can't believe ANY of you would imagine I had nothing left to say! Since when has having nothing meaningful to say kept me from typing out my senseless verbal diarrhea?!? And as far as not visiting YOUR blog...well, take comfort in the fact I have visited NO ONE'S blog in the past month and a half. I'VE BEEN BUSY ENJOYING MY LIFE.

So, here's the skinny on my typically boring, but time-consuming life:

Yes, I am still doing the Metabolism Miracle food plan...and I am pleased to report a whopping 21 pound weight loss. I wish I had a heavier number to report, but last week hit me with a bit of a set back. All I can figure out is, hormones at 45 are a BEAUCH on the metabolism! I actually GAINED 3 pounds over night on the weekend last week...and spent the following 6 days LOSING the little bastids again. Sigh. I'm hoping the recent draining of the uterus (i.e., menses, mother nature card, period, Aunt Flo...please insert your own wording for that monthly PAIN) will put me back on track and shift my metabolism into a fat and carb burning machine once again. I was rather enjoying the rapid weight change.

I've also continued onward with my goal of walking 100 miles this summer...I'm now only 9 miles away from a "hoot n hollarin" celebration! That's right...I've been walking SO much, I've nearly worn out a pair of sneakers. I'm not sure what my *celebration* will include when I complete this goal, but I'm thinking a chocolate bar is probably out of the question...would rather defeat the purpose of my slave-driving trek, no? I feel EXTREMELY fortunate to still feel the energy to put one foot in front of the other AND have the luxury of walking even with MS.

And speaking of Multiple Sclerosis (because this IS an MS blog and I am destined to mention the crappy disease at least once)......................hmmm............well............uhhhhhh...........I guess I have very little to say about THAT!! I've been doing so incredibly well physically (just to SPITE Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named), I've nearly forgotten I allegedly HAVE that diagnosis. Hehe...yeah, OK. I still have that spastic leg thangy in my calves...and I still get that saran wrap vision thangy in my left eye when I over heat...and I STILL get episodes of fatigue (what I commonly refer to as *dropsy*) at various times during my day. I'm just ignoring all of that. Or, better yet, I'm just learning/learned to live WITH it and around it. **insert loud knocking on wood sound**

I recently started seeing a massage therapist also, who obviously trained with our very own CIA in torture techniques. She's a Rolfer (google it) by training and she hurts me so badly I sometimes want to yelp. It is SOOOO dee vine! I think the little 5'3"-barely-bigger-around-than-my-right-thigh-woman could probably work the kinks out of a piece of variegated metal if she tried long enough. We've been doing a lot of neck and shoulder work, opening up specific muscles that have long laid dormant because of lack of exercise and bad posture...consequently, I have not had to use my TENS unit but a few nights this past month. Woohoo to paying for really DOES hurt good.

Yes, I have survived ALL of Mother Nature's brutal weather this summer, i.e., HEAT WAVES. And I really DID try to purchase a portable air conditioner (honest I did, Joyce!). Funny thing though...everyone ELSE in Seattle had the exact, same idea at the exact, same time! There was not a portable unit to be found on the left I suffered through it...stealing free air conditioning at work when I could and probably lingering way past my welcome at the local grocery store on several store runs. It has once again turned into the mild Seattle summer I am accustomed to...mid to lower 70's...and beautiful.

I have even finalized plans to take a small vacation in late September. I KNOW?!? Who KNEW I'd ever leave the state of Washington again?!? AND board an airplane?? Well, I plan to board an airplane anyway...I guess I'll find out if my name has been removed from that terrorist watch list or not. Ehem.

I've also got my Houston friend, Skeeter, returning to Seattle in September as well as the MS Bike ride to much to do, so little time. I've stopped apologizing to friends (and Internet friends, too) for my disappearing act this is what it is. I really CAN'T apologize for being BUSY AND ENJOYING MY LIFE. That would be like apologizing for breathing, which I am NOT sorry I do regularly...most days.

And now, back to the regularly schedule program...I will resume being BUSY AND ENJOYING MY LIFE. I'll be back here on CHEESE eventually...even GOOD things can't shut me up THAT long... :-)


Bubbie said...

I am delighted! How wonderful to hear that your absence from the net is merely due to having a life! You deserve this and MORE! You go girl.

Joan said...

Woo hoo! I hate to say it, but I'm GLAD that you aren't blogging (because you are enjoying your life, that is).

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Good on you. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Strange that diet and lifestyle is "making the round" these days.

My podcast next monday is going to be about Monsanto, the fact that we can't digest G.M. "Round Up Ready" crops and over the past 30 years that has caused obesity, high blood pressure, heart attacks and piled on millions of pounds on our waists.

Thousands of dirt poor farmers have killed themselves when they realized that their next crop had failed because they had bought Monsanto seeds with 'terminator technology' genetically engineered into them.

America is easting itself to death trying to get some nutrition from the crap they have to ingest, all for the profits of Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midand and Cargill.

sherry said...

Glad to see you back but better yet I am glad to see your ENJOYING LIFE!!
I too walk as much as I can and suffer from the annoying spasticity and fatigue. I also see a massage therapist and those who have no idea say "It must be so nice to get a massage every two weeks>" They have no idea if the torture!!!!
Keep enjoying life ....

~Sherry~ (sdeitz)

Diane J Standiford said...

The joy of relapsing/remitting MS, it never fails to relapse and when it does---make the most of it! PS--Jen is crazy.

Webster said...

I am very glad that Rolfing is working for you. I've heard horror stories about it, and am too much of a wus to even give it a try. But I sure could use a nice Swedish massage on my shoulders.

Glad you're doing so well. I imagine we'll hear more from you when the rains come.

Spaz Attack said...

umm...newsflash Miss Brainiac -- other Seattlites thought of buying air conditioners BEFORE you and THAT's why none were left by the time you got around to breaking loose and buying one. That's OK though, we all understand the inititals MS also stand for the Me Stupid disease.
So glad to hear you are kicking calories and fat cells via the M diet. I still think it no coicidence you enjoying life and have less symptoms while eating healthy and avoiding sipping chemicals all day.
YaHoo the BrainCheese has drop-kicked Mountain Dew outta her life! You go girl!

Sara said...

glad to hear the cheesewiz is enjoying life cause for a minute I thought with all those heat waves I've heard about that maybe you'd melted into nothing

Have Myelin? said...

I could not be happier for you. :-)

You should be out there enjoying life. I am glad to hear this instead of "I'm too sick to blog" which would not be something we readers would want you to endure.

I rejoice with you!

Anonymous said...

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