Monday, October 03, 2011

What Did You Do???

That was the subject line of the email I received today from Dr. SWWNBN (you remember her, don't you?...the neurologist, Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named??) while I waited in young Sports Medicine Ortho Doc's waiting room to be seen this morning.  Apparently Healthcare has entered the larger "social media" scene and they now have their own networking capabilities amongst themselves, much like Twitter (only it's called *original*.).  My ER visit somehow triggered an external "twitter" to my neurologist who immediately "tweeted" me via email, like a squawking peacock (have you ever HEARD a peacock squawk?...if not, here you go)  Nothing is apparently sacred or private anymore.  It's not like I CARED if Dr. SWWNBN knew I was in the ER...I was more concerned there would be a notation in my chart of me telling the ER Physician's Assistant that I was "on the lam" with my neurologist!!!  And yes, I DO say that to other healthcare providers...hehe.

But this brings me to another point about healthcare, MS, and other strange notions (just trying to bring the Multiple Sclerosis tie-in here since this IS an MS blog...still...I think).  I have now very recently had 3 or 4 contacts with *other* healthcare providers who are new to me and, each time I've had to "disclose" the MS issue.  I say *disclose* because lately, this feels like a big, dirty secret!  For some reason, telling providers (who do not already know my history) that I have MS has become akin to disclosing I wear men's underwear, like to be spanked, or eat my boogers...none of which I DO by the way!!!  Well, except for the spanking part, but I digress...LOL

One might think this feeling is the old "but you look so good" (so how could you have MS?) topic that is discussed in MS circles, but it isn't.  I have no worries they won't BELIEVE I have the diagnosis (pull up an old MRI and it's pretty clear)...quite the opposite.  It is when I tell them I am diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and they immediately inquire what Disease Modifying Drug I am taking that I cringe.  The look on some of their faces is interesting if not down right dismissing!

I find myself quickly doing the verbal scramble to explain I already have been ON most every DMD out there (except Fingolimod I think?!?) and made an executive decision (much to the chagrin of the neurological world) to stop all treatment...that currently I am doing WELL without the DMD's and taking things one day at a time with improved diet, exercise, and the roulette wheel.  They still look at me like I'm a liar...or worse...they look at me like, "well what are you doing HERE then if you don't tend to follow your healthcare provider's advice?!?"  Maybe it's just my bizarre opinion, but I don't think doctors LIKE being told "no".  :-)  And they REALLY don't like being told something besides drugs or what they were taught in medical school works...for me...right now.

I suppose really my recent (and old) healthcare providers share the same sentiment as I do...just not the same opinion.  They firmly believe in THEIR medicine/treatment and I stubbornly believe in MINE.  Two peas in a pod I guess...of like minds at opposite ends of the spectrum.

I DO try to qualify my position with the idea I am open to changing my opinion should the internal *science* of my body or belief system shift...and I usually explain the true value of "medicine" psychologically for both the physician AND the patient is belief whatever is prescribed will work (see placebo study outcomes over the years, or a more recent one here: ).  It's hard to have two RIGHT people in the same exam room as exam rooms tend to be quite small for two big and bull headed people to fit into...sigh.

On a *happier* note, I did get "the shot" today for my shoulder and there is no surgical intervention necessary at this point.  Apparently, I suffered a bad contusion in my socket, which resulted in fluid accumulation in the joint, subsequent inflammation and swelling, and ultimately F^<@ing bad pain!  I am on the cautious mend...I was told to stay off unstable high places, refrain from any boxing matches, no stunts on the trapeze (especially when being SPANKED...just can't let that visual go, can I?!?), and head to my nearest Physical Therapy office for some PT. 

I can do that...all of it.  :-)  Anything to avoid seeing yet another new healthcare provider who MS-guilts me or be asked the question, "What did you DO?!?" again.  Who knows, my next story may include SPANKING in my explanation of pain or injury to providers just to throw them off the MS trail scent...