Sunday, December 06, 2009

Yeah, Yeah...So It's December Already...

...and I haven't posted anything here for several weeks. Life happens.

I'm home at the moment with swollen glands in my neck and severe fatigue...ruled out that any of this is MS-related, but not so sure about the possibility of Ebola, Hantavirus, Cat Scratch Fever, or the good old 1500's plague. I DID complete the Seattle 1/2 Marathon Walk last week on the T-shirt and the medal to prove it...also got a half dollar-sized blister on the bottom of my right foot, but who's complaining?!? I've been busily "recovering" from the event ever since.

Just a few odds and ends to entertain, annoy, or disturb you:

1. Yes, Seattle IS now known as the cop killer city of the United States...we've had five police officer murders in the area since the end of October. Last weekend, I spent much of the night awake as helicopters circled overhead searching for a "suspect" in the recent shootings...that "suspect" is now officer shot and killed him...poetic justice, if you ask me.

2. I am receiving numerous "spam-type" comments to this blog daily. Anyone else have this sort of problem on their blogs? And just so you spammers know, I do not NEED cheaper drugs from Canada or Russian female escorts at this time...I HAVE health insurance and I don't speak Russian (or Canadian, for that matter...LOL).

3. It is colder than a well digger's ass once again in Seattle...frankly, I'm kinda hoping there really IS something to this global warming theory...would like to see a warming trend near me...just could do without the acid rain if possible.

4. I have made FOUR (count them -- 4) grocery bags full of Grandma Goldie's Holiday Snack Mix this year. This endeavor must has grown into a massive production and expense. To all of you expecting your yearly dividend of mix, be aware unless you provide proof of citizenship in the land of BrainCheese, you will no longer receive your yearly HAVE been warned. :-)

5. Bah Freakin' it REALLY that time of year again already when I have to brave the annoyances of the general public just to find some silly little gifts for friends and family because it is "tradition"?? Hello??? I don't DO Christmas, I'm NOT Jewish, and I'm hoping no one will notice if I just casually "forget" them this year. People have way too high of expectations for me and MY bar of accomplishment is soooo very low.

6. I discovered "carb loading" for exertion exercise does NOT include a 3 week plan of eating anything one wants before an event. Who knew? I carb loaded for nearly 3 weeks before the half Marathon Walk and now must pay the price...that price being some weight gain (of the nearly 40 pounds I have worked so hard to lose these past 5 months!!!) of about 5 pounds and feeling once again like a sugar junkie. Guess I should have consulted a personal trainer, but why? They probably would have told me I should only "carb load" the night before the event and what fun is there in such strict instruction?!?

7. It's official: I probably WILL live to see the year 2010...I feel like a foreign actor in some kind of strange sci-fi movie. Wasn't it just 1976 last year and we were celebrating our nation's bicentennial?

8. Prediction: Microsoft's BING will never be able to compete with Google..."google" has made it into the urban dictionary as a verb, for gosh sake. I can't imagine EVER saying, "Well, why don't you just Bing it?"...just doesn't sound right. Nice try Bill Gates...

9. Words of Wisdom: Just because it's advertised as an "all you can eat" buffet, doesn't mean you SHOULD. I'm just saying...from personal experience.

10. Shout Out: You know who you are and you rock! You make me smile...aweeeee.